Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Give Away- Change your clocks Change your smoke alarm battery.

Cabbage and I do not argue very often, as it is very difficult to argue with someone who has such a sunny demeanor as he, however, when we do argue I can generally break it down into the following categories;

11%, his obsession with Motorsport/sports in general,
43% his mess and hoarding
12% his allergy to mowing the lawn in a timely manner.
12% his forgetfulness... And
22% his insistence that I am wrong.

If you asked him about my most annoying trait he would tell you that it is my need to be right.
I tell him that I would not bother fighting about something if I thought I was wrong.

Here are a few other less made up statistics, I was sent during the week.

In 2010

- 97% of all Australian households are not compliant with Australian Fire Safety standards. This means that the majority of Australian homes are leaving themselves and their families vulnerable to house fires.

- The majority (82%) of working women have a fire escape plan at work, but only 11% have a planned and practiced one at home. In most households surveyed (55%) the plan is simply to get out as quickly as possible.

- A further 17% don’t have a fire plan at home because they have never thought about it

- Most married women claim their husband needs a reminder to prompt him to change batteries in the smoke alarms in the home. In most cases it’s the ‘low battery’ beep sound that acts as a reminder, but more husbands respond to a reminder from the wife (18%) than no prompting at all (9%).

April 1st heralds the End of daylight saving, it is also a convenient reminder to change your smoke alarm battery, Duracell together with Fire and Emergency Services are working on a campaign called, Change your clock, change your smoke alarm batteries.

It is really is very simple, and if you are changing the clock, you may as well change the smoke alarm batteries.

To make it a little simpler, Duracell and the great people a Hausmann communications are giving away 2 Duracell packs containing

- Duracell Fire fighter bunny, valued at $60
- A smoke alarm, valued at $20
- Colouring in posters, magnets, and temporary tattoos.
- Duracell AA Batteries (for the bunny), valued at $10
- Duracell 9V Batteries (for the smoke alarm), valued at $10
- Fire Brigade Kids – an Activity and Colouring in Book – valued at $7.95
To whatsinemmasbrain readers.

All you have to do to score yourself one is to leave a comment below, telling me, when was the last time you changed your smoke alarm battery you can do so on the WIEB Facebook page also if that is more your cup of tea. Aussies only, sorry overseasians x

Good luck.

Meanwhile, I received one of these Duracell bunnies. It is more annoying than me.
I'm pretty annoying.

• Test your smoke alarm (by pressing the ‘test’ button) once per month to ensure the battery and the alarm sounder are
operating and clean with a vacuum cleaner annually to remove particles that will affect smoke alarm performance
• Replace the battery annually with a long-lasting 9V alkaline battery
• Install smoke alarms in positions that will wake all occupants in the home and give them time to evacuate. For example, installing the alarms outside each sleeping area, with additional smoke alarms installed inside bedrooms where doors are closed at night and along evacuation routes if bedrooms are located upstairs.
• Develop a home escape plan and practice it regularly.

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MichVee said...

I'm ashamed to admit that it's been more than a year (probably closer to two) since changing ours.
BUT, I have just written a post-it note so hubby can change the batteries in them when he gets home from work. Thankyou for the very important reminder! (emal is

Debyl1 said...

Great idea for a post.Hope the prize goes to some one who really needs it.Not me as I am slightly obsessed with fire safety as when I was a teen I was left to cook for the family while mum was at work.Hot chips on the stove.Forgot to turn off the oil.Had a Terrible whole kitchen fire but luckily didnt spread further as dad was able to put it out with a fire extinguisher(his dad had given just the week before!!)So everyone makes fun of me as I have not only the smoke alarms everywhere,the fire blanket near the kitchen,a fire extinguisher at both ends of the house but also a hammer in each bedroom incase need to smash a window to get out.You can stop laughing now about the hammers.I did say slightly obsessed :)

Workingwomenaus said...

After being surrounded by the 2009 fires, we not only have a fire plan, but change our batteries at the end of DLS. We were so close to the fires, our yard was cloaked in white ash - it was very scary. I also had a newborn baby but we were luckier than so many others. Excellent post to remind us all to take simple precautions to keep our families safe.

kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I test mine once a month when I let MPS cook.

Changed when we lay the eggs out for the lazy arsed bunny.


Kel said...

I'm ashamed to admit it, but we don't have smoke alarms in our house at all. Because of the age of our home it wasn't compulsory to have them (it was built in the 80's!) and we asked about the lack thereof when we purchased, only to be told it's not the seller's responsibility to cover those sorts of things when putting their house on the market. Good old Northern Territory and their total lack of care factor.
I nag the man on a regular basis and he nods/grunts/mm-hmm's etc etc but to date we've not got a smoke detector. If I won this, then I could just do it myself. Even if I don't win, I'll be doing it myself.

Rockn said...

Ours are checked every 3 months, when the real estate agent comes over for our inspections!

Natalie said...

The alarms in our new house are hardwired, but the back up batteries will be changed at the beginning and end of daylight savings, so I know it's always ok.

Love the bunny, he is awesome :)

utah security systems said...

They truly last long. Awesome!