Saturday, March 3, 2012

An Oldie, but A Goodie, About nits.

I am going on another blogging perk day on Monday, to get my hair fabulized.. and yes I make up words now.
I am looking forward to it, not that I have not enjoyed being a Ranga, it's just I do miss my blonde...
As it is not my usual hair dresser, and this particular hair dresser is a little bit uber fantastic, I have new hair dresser nerves.

It is resulting in a phsycosomatic itch. I have the worst paranoia about having nits right now.....

Imagine that? I have Images of this super hair dresser, squealing and recoiling in horror...
"I am sorry Emma's brain, Your hair is infested, I cannot work with you.... Get out!"

Apart from making a fantastic blog post I would near Keel with embarrassment.

I have enlisted Bestie and Husband and the Mum half of the Hippies to raid through my tresses looking for lice, They are yet to find anything.
Bestie tells me that it is all in my head, and mum tells me it is because I am using a shampoo packed with SLS and nasty chemicals and if I insist on poisoning myself with them, then I deserve an itchy scalp.
Husband just tells me to get off his pillow.

I am also in desperate need of a hair cut... I was thinking of visiting my usual hair dresser and asking for a little trim, and quietly whispering my Nitophobia and getting her to have a squiz... but then how would I explain that?

"Can you please just give me a teeny vanity trim, not too much, because I am going to another hair dresser far more fabulous than you... Oh but before I go could you comb through my hair looking for parasites, because I would be far too embarrassed if he found them?"

I am going to go and douse myself in Tea Tree, lemon Myrtle oils.... Again...... Wish me luck.

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Miss Pink said...

Good call cabbage, good call. No need for everyone else to get Emma's nits! Lol.

You know Emma I have had the same worry lately. Except I'm not going to some uber fabulous hairdresser. The other day I saw what could have been a small bug or a piece of fluff on my hair, I raised my hand to pull it out and it disappeared before my hand could even touch it. I was all OMG IT'S A FUCKING NIT AND IT JUMPED AND NOW I'M INFESTED. I checked the boys, as Mr Black is a bald old man so they would be the likely sources. Nothing in their hair. I also got the nit comb out and combed away and nothing. Still I can't stop randomly itching and fretting I have nits. Mr Black won't look because he's a clueless prick, and I'm sorta scared to admit it to anyone else, especially as I haven't found anything.
I did say to Mr Black yesterday "Bleach kills nits right?" I may have to suck up my embarrassment and ask BFF. She will probably tell me to fuck off and not give them to her but I'm starting to feel like I'm losing it. Do I have them or not? (no signs but sporadic itchiness)

River said...

Uber fantastic hairdressers charge Uber fantastic prices, I've noticed.
Give me a short and shaggy $30 haircut and I'm happy enough.
My hair curls any which way it wants to no matter how nicely it was cut the day before anyway,
so why waste the money thta I could otherwise spend on books?