Monday, March 19, 2012

Relationship 101- The competition.

Today we delve into the unfamiliar territory and cover one of the many things you do that fuel seething time.
If they can be avoided or minimised, then you are making great leaps in avoiding the accumulation of errs that fill The Bank of Acrimony.

Let us begin.

Why must everything be a competition?

As the male of our species, you can sometimes get a little carried away with your testosterone fueled need to compete and win.

It is fortunate for you, that we live in a day and age where competitive sports are readily available for the indulgence of those lacking in any great talent.
For all you must do to participate in any great feat, is to purchase a game console, or become a fan.

The female of the species finds this difficult to grasp, so be patient, it is in this area that you are far more advanced.......and yes, this does mean that you win.
You are indeed, a winner.

It is not like your spouse is incapable of being an engaged fan, it is just difficult for her to intuit your sense of involvement and personal accomplishment.

Your physical response to competitive situations is perplexing to your spouse, the need to yell, pump fists, become red about the face and spit when you cheer is foreign.
She is unaware if you comprehend that the referee, coach and players in the competing teams cannot hear your expert and heated guidance through the television set.

The way you will perch your self in a leg cocked position, with a gaming console perched in your contorted hands, and the various looks of concentration on your face are perplexing.

She may question your understanding that you did not physically triumph in any actual Grand Prix, or you, yourself did not just bring to success a violent and perilous covert operation against alien invasion.

Although these traits are bizarre at best, you may find your spouse will overlook them, especially if they are of little interest to her, she does have far too much to bother herself with already.

Keep in mind however, There is nothing more irritating to your spouse, than your need to compete in EVERYTHING, namely, illness or physical pain, these injustices greatly fuel seething time.

The fact that women have been expelling life from sensitive regions since time began makes them the clear successor in any feat of pain and endurance, you can not argue with this, and therefore, your spouse will always triumph in whom handles the common cold with more grace.
Yes that old chestnut, it is the one unwinnable.

Good Luck.

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