Friday, April 20, 2012

And yet... They remain.

The Easter bunny has been and gone, and all that's left from the chocolate onslaught are thousands of tiny colourful bits of foil that I pick/vacuum/sweep up every eight minutes.
They catch my eye like little lasers or shiny diamonds twinkling from the carpet... Taunting me.

Even though the chocolate has vanished and in its place are three over sugared children and forty new cystic zits on my face,

I will tell you what else is still sticking around....

The many foot prints from the Easter bunny, (that I pain stakingly painted with a mixture of flour and water to make the whole experience a little more genuine for my children..

Hey kids! Your mum is awesome! FTW!

I chose a concoction of flour and water to paint them, with the reasoning that flour and water would be both temporary, easily washed away, and have little environmental impact to the surrounding plants and wildlife. The wildlife being the cats, who couldn't give a rats, and the plants being.. Well

Let's just say I'm no Don Jerk.

We have had days of torrential rain in Sydney. Torrential being the word that the weather channel used, not my habitual over exaggeration.

Still they remain.

Baked into the ugly concrete path like really thin crepes.

I don't know how long they will stay...
Perhaps they will remain until next year, earning me an extra hours sleep in next Easter?

Perhaps Mr emmasbrain and I will be showing our grandchildren these footprints and boring them with stories of the great Easter of 2012?

Perhaps I could just get off my A and scrub them with a yard broom? HA,....OH!......What a laugh!
You and I both know that's NEVER going to happen.

Happy Friday.


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Workingwomenaus said...

Next year just use icing sugar in a sieve on the kitchen bench and floors. Vacuums right up :-)

Oh, and we still have a big bag of Easter Eggs that I've confiscated - do your kids want another sugar rush? Happy to post then

Mrs Woog said...

I only knew about these things after Easter, Thank god!

Mommy Adventures said...

They always say chocolate doesn't cause zits, but you know what? THEY LIE! I ate way too many chocolate bunnies, and now I have the same problem. Ick.

Brenda said...

OMG! I have teh zit too in the exact same area!

Madam Bipolar said...

That zit looks like it hurts. I say squeeze!

Deb said...

Love the footprints! I love love love easter and as a kid used to keep the foil wrappers (well, for a while, anyway!)

PS. I get zits on my chin (in my early - ahem - to mid 40s and the beautician said chin pimples are hormonal). WTF?!?!?


:perennial: said...

I did exactly the same thing two years ago and the flour/water concoction that I, like you, had chosen as it seemed harmless did not come off until I got the pressure washer out 11 months 3 weeks later. I got the kids to clean it off by telling them the Easter Bunny might think he had already visited if he saw the footprints. Worked a treat and I have never done it again.

River said...

Those prints will stick around until just a few days before next Easter, so you're going to have to paint them again.
Which fact :perennial: has already told I'll just tiptoe away....

Anonymous said...

Next time.... Cornflour and water (not plain flour and water) .... You should have asked..... Love Mum XXX