Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dear Jack Hammer Man.

Dear Local Council\the arsehole with the jack hammer that started jack hammering something at 6:45am this morning.

One of the things I love about living where I do is that I am a convenient 5 minute walk from the center of town, and a convenient 2 minute walk the other way from a paddock full of cattle.

This paddock full of cattle sometimes lulls me into a false sense of serenity. Not this morning though.... Not will the Jack hammering that started at 6:45am.

Now for the record, I as up, my children were not.... Actually that a lie, my eldest was up, feigning sleep whenever I walked past his bedroom so that I could not see him breaking house rules by being on his iPod looking at who knows what because he is thirteen.

I let it go because of the silence.

I understand your need to get things done with The Easter break is upon us, but I too need to get things done.

I also revel in the one hour of silence that comes from prying my crust ridden eyes open earlier than my kids.

Now I'm writing you today, because your incessant jack hammering woke up my youngest child whom is three. Have you ever tried to get things done when your three year old wakes an hour and a half earlier than usual?


Madam Bipolar said...

Years ago I worked at a company undergoing a renovation. One day a worker asked me if I had a spare electrical cord and I said is that for a vacuum and he said no for a fucking jack hammer! I was meant to work with a jack hammer next to me. I chucked the biggest wobbly and he was sent away but still outrageous.

Alannah said...

I think Jack Hammer Man's brother is working in my neighbourhood. Dreadful noise at 6.45am and he stopped the noise 20 minutes later! I am sure he thought if he was up, everyone else should be too.

River said...

Next time he starts that jack-hammering, just casually run him down (accidentally) with a mack truck, or an army tank, whatever you've got handy.

Sharon @ Funken Wagnel said...

Oh I'd be pissed. Not just because I'm not a morning person, but because it sounds as though they've opened gunfire next door. What part of 'holiday' do they not understand?