Tuesday, April 3, 2012

doing it wrong.

When I was a kid, my sister would torment occasionally, by interrupting anything I said, with a loud honking WROOONG!

I would give her a dirty look, and she would let me comfortably get back into the the conversation before interrupting again WROOONG!
She found it hilarious.
It was infuriating.

I bore you with this tale of no one cares childhood torment, because I left the conference with good intentions... The type that come from the slow realisation that you are doing EVERYTHING wrong.

Please don't misunderstand me, this was not the impression I got from the conference, it was the general feeling I carried home from it, on my low.....

In fact, it wasn't how I found the DPCON12 to be at all, but all of these little niggling inferiority thoughts very quickly overshadow the great things I did and learned, and replace the happy memories of the fantastic people I met, and the great time I had.
Lets just say I had a few days of the obligatory comedown... Which may or may not have been my liver protesting, but more than likely was just your stock standard deflation from having a great time.

And here I go... With the Rant!! I.cant.....keep.it....in....

I have been thinking a lot about the following things, none of which reflect anything other than my thoughts, and have come up with the following solutions.

I don't use long tail key words effectively...won't somebody pleeeaaase think of the long tail key words?!?!

WHAT THE FUCK ARE LONG TAIL KEY WORDS,!!??!!? And what do they want with me?.
What I don't know about computers could fill Wikipedia, and the job seems HUGE!

And thats OK.

I don't blog often enough,

- I blog when I have something to say and only if I can articulate it into writing, in an amusing manner.
I honestly don't think any one is sitting in a corner rocking back and forth if I don't blog, there may be a few that do because I blog, but none that will if I don't.

And that's OK.

Networking effectively,

- I'm not touching that one with a fifty foot pole......
Screw it, Im tired and Im cranky, and I will say this.

It does not matter whom you talk to, or whom talks back to you, what matters is that you write for you.

Don't write for other bloggers.

Most of my readers are not other bloggers.
The fastest way to piss me off is sour grapes, I have seen a lot of this following the conference, if this paragraph bothers you, then you are writing for other bloggers.
Please stop, you are fabulous as you are, why do you give a shit what I think?

(Bullying is NEVER OK.)

I have a very engaged twitter following that I could be utilising more effectively-

Twitter is my platform for saying inappropriate things in 140 characters or less, quoting Wayne's world and the Simpsons, watching Lilly Allen fight with everyone and not much else.

And thats OK.

Im still using blogger and I may as well be etching my blog posts into stone tablets.

Blogger platform, despite it's limited capabilities compared to some, serves me just fine thus far.
I know how to use it, I'm confident in using it and to date, has only eaten my blog once.
It also does everything it need it to.
It will do donkey... It will do.

I say yes to brands, I say no to brands.- Both of these are WRONG and WRONG.
It is also very imperative that you say yes to the right brands and no to the wrong brands

-It is the opinion of some that advertising on your blog is akin to taking a large dump on it.
I'm not asking to take a dump on your blog, but I will take a dump on my blog with
brands I feel fit my space.
If I can still do that while I am using twitter inappropriately and blogging for myself, whilst using candid swears as frequently as I do, and also still using terminology like 'take a dump', then yay for me.


So that's my whinge.. That is my headspace coming down off the fabulousness that is DPCON.

The truth is that I can not blog freely with all of these things clouding up my head, when I begin to write something, and the little voice inside says stop there key board jockey.. Your doing it wrong, WROOOOOONG! ...then it just won't come out and I sit there popping countless foofer valves, straining with bloggers constipation.

So with that, I flip the biggest bird I can flip at the great time comedown and it's associated insecurities.

Blog on my dear friends... Blog on.



Kelloggsville said...

Thank you for writing down all my feelings on my behalf. I didn't go to the conference but I feel all this too plus....don't write what you feel just read it on someone else's blog and go 'yup' lol also wrong !

whatsinemmasbrain said...

Write it anyway, if it's how you feel, it's never wrong! :) Xx

Mrs Woog said...

Hi darlin Emma, my only querie is, that if it is your space, and no one is forcing anyone to read it....... How can it be wrong? I think we need need to stop overthinking

Mrs Woog said...

And start cracking on with life xx PS love to MR Emma's Brain x

whatsinemmasbrain said...

Yes you are exactly right, and that's what I mean, I'm thinking too much about everything, and it stops me from blogging, I'm in no way saying anything is wrong, it's just that I feel like everything is wrong. Xxx

Debyl1 said...

I think it is wonderful of you to blog just for you.Isnt that what it is supposed to be about?I only use Twitter and stumbled upon blogs from that,as I am not tech savvy.I love the blogs where people are open and honest and I know I can be the same.A mutual respect.Keep doing it for you the way you want it otherwise the joy will not be there and without the joy it just becomes a chore.Im proud of you for flipping the bird and getting on with doing it your way.You go girl.I love Your Way x

Donna said...

If it feels right to you but is apparently "wrong" according to the blogging rules of success then I say go with your gut. I'll never understand what works and what doesn't so I'll just go with what makes me happy to write. Am sure you will a star blogger no matter what you do x

whatsinemmasbrain said...

Mwah! X

whatsinemmasbrain said...

Yes, that's right, I don't think there are rules of blogging, but sometimes it feels like I'm doing everything wrong because I think about it too much! Damn thinker I am! You are a gem x

Carly Findlay said...

I felt the sane way, after only going to two events ( not the conference)
I wrote about it on my blog today

Miss Pink said...

I like blogs that are a mish mash though. That are a bit of this side to a person and a bit of that side, and throw in some opinions and what the fuck ever. If I don't like a post I don't read it. Simple. Doesn't mean I don't like that blog or blogger.