Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Loose Change

This is a sponsored post, for MacDonalds
I was paid for this post and my time at the event.
All opinions expressed are my own.

Kids can be expensive little creatures.. I wasn't, as a kid, although it wasn't for lack of trying. My parents came up with the following lame excuses to be stingy for my own good.
Mum can I please have a Barbie?
No. Barbies are made from plastic, you know how we feel about plastic, are you going to be around for the next million years to make sure it breaks down?
Barbie will also warp your sense of self value.
I do not want you ever to aspire to be that thin, here..have a paint set.
(Mum eventually caved with his one, and I had myself a sparkling plastic rollerblading Barbie and Ken for my eighth birthday. Plastic FTW)
Mum can I please get some new clothes, and by new I mean new not new to my wardrobe from an op shop?
No. I will gladly take you shopping for clothes, but will you please keep in mind the wastefulness of buying new jeans when there are hundreds of hard wearing pairs of jeans that have been thrown away to choke the planet in the quest for fashion.
Would you like new jeans and no planet to wear them in?
I have come to appreciate these morals now, and in time, I hope my daughter will write whiny blog posts about her new dolls pram, courtesy of the op shop, and the stories I bored her with about imagining all of the other little girls that played with and treasured it before her, for it to still be around some fifty odd years later.

The truth is that there are plenty of ways you can treat your little people without breaking the bank, and I was recently invited along with the lovely Brenda, Fiona and Trish to partake in Macdonalds Loose change promotion, to celebrate seven MacDonalds menu items $2 or less.

I played games with a virtual Ronnie Mac, on the hunt for loose change.
We virtually searched for loose change under couch cushions, and in coat pockets, and despite looking like a confused mime trying to keep up with unfamiliar dance steps, It was a whole heap of fun and I managed to score myself an iTunes card, from which I bought music.
My mum would be so proud.
After the event, the girls and I headed out to Maccas, with the guys from Boom to discuss blogging and social media.
Together we managed to impress (and quite possibly terrify) them with our mum blogging ability to speak without drawing breath about our passion for blogging, social media strategy, influence and being paid to do something we love......Because we are super mums.
There is also a video, check it out.