Thursday, May 3, 2012

The things I think but never say- Long winded child explanations.

I often have days when my mind is not as patient with parenting as it should be.

Like when I am listening to an elaborate and long winded explanation from mr 7 about a school fundraiser, it went a little bit like this.

Master Seven - "You can put money in the envelope.......Yeah, and it can be $2 or $5 or $100 or $8 or $50 or any amount of money.
But it can't be $1 and not 50c or $1.50 or 20c or any of the other silver ones and not the one dollars..."

In my mind, I'm screaming,
"Yep!! In short, donations must be over $2.00! Excellent!

But I don't say it, instead I listen patiently... Because, I'm his mum, I love him..... and you just don't.


katepickle said...

Your Mr 7 must be in cahoots with my Miss 8's... and I've learned the hard way that it is much much better to listen (even if you tune out a little) than dismiss them with some blow off comment.. cause then you have to listen to that whiney voice that makes my ears bleed.

River said...

Ha Ha, my kids learned early to give me the Reader's Digest version, then elaborate later IF I asked for details.
Usually such information was accompanied by a note from the school, so elaborations weren't necessary.

Sharon @ Funken Wagnel said...

My eldest daughter is great at the long-winded story. In my not so shining moments I tell her to spit it out.