Sunday, June 10, 2012

Caution, contains dancing.

This is Mrs Nuggets.
Mrs Nuggets spent two years as a battery Hen, and we took her when she had been deemed useless by the battery farm. Mrs Nuggets has spent two years at our house, she likes sultanas and sunflower seeds and is a bit of a drama queen. She is not unaffected by her time in the cage, she will often stop mid scratch and faint. Just like that. We try not to laugh.

Please do your homework when buying eggs, not all Free ranges are created equal.


Sharon@FunkenWagnel said...

That is such a sweet video:) Makes me sad whenever I think about the treatment of battery hens

Alannah said...

that video is fabulous....well done

kim at allconsuming said...

I had NO idea you could buy ex-battery hens. No idea. When our girls end up in the stock pot I will investigate thusly. (Also - see you Thursday!)