Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sometimes, I wish.

I really want to be able to dance like Jake Shears.. I can't dance... I'm not a dancer.
Sometimes, I want to have Jake Shears babies.
We could enter them in Eurovision and they would win.

I never wish I was a gay man more, than when I'm listening to the Scissor Sisters.
I love them in an inappropriate way.

Then I listen to the Foo fighters, and I'm glad to be a girl again...and I want to have a huge trashy Vegas wedding and marry Dave Grohl.

I was trawling you tube recently, and I found this... I have never felt so sexually conflicted.


"I just don't want Jakes balls, in mah face" clap.

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homeworkmum.com said...

and now I can start my day, thank you!