Friday, July 27, 2012

And again with the winning....

So remember this P&G Mums Olympics Blogger challenge that I was banging on about?.. That Kim and I won... remember? When I won?
I received some footage of said Mum Olympics Blogger Challenge yesterday evening, so you may now understand what it is I am going on about...when I talk about The. Winning.


What the footage leaves out is the difference that this bloggership from P&G, has made to my blog.
It has allowed me to purchase a new lap top, This lap top...That is also crammed full of memory and much needed and Nerd like software..& it is luminescence red...

I'm Hiding out in Master 8's room, because it had a free power point. Times are tough.

This picture was taken on my new camera. I cant take a picture of my camera without my new camera.. (It's a Nikon)  So I will have to share some pics with you instead, every other camera fails in comparison, and this baby, lets me take images specifically for the WEB!
Oh yeah
As great as the camera is on my phone, nothing says professional like blurry photo's because your lip balm busted in your handbag or there was a half chewed biscuit stuck to the lens.
Not with my new baby......Check these out...

& The award for Mr Department Store Catalogue, leisure wear section goes to...

I may have also bought a hair straightener.. for.... Photo... shoots.
Oh and an ipod dock... because...
Thanks P&G for being Proud sponsors of Mum's this Olympics, Including me!!!
Happy Friday!

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