Saturday, July 14, 2012

I'm not an Olympic medalist per se...

*Disclaimer; I was not paid for this post, although this post does contain mention of branding.
If you are easily offended by this kind of thing you might want to come back tomorrow..... but you will miss my exciting news.

A few weeks ago I was invited by Hausmann Communications to take part in the Mums Olympics for P&G.
Now because P&G are a proud sponsor of mums this Olympics, six bloggers, were issued a challenge to compete in several mum type challenges, without the use of modern technology and P&G products....the winner to walk away with a bloggership from P&G....And I have some very exciting news.

I would like to say a huge thank you Hausmann communications for the opportunity, and to P&G for investing in my blog, with a bloggership that has entrusted me me enough cash to buy very much needed software to make blogging easy again, and give me more time to write, A MacBook, so that I can work in a quiet space, (with the door closed!) and a digital SLR, for the best pap shots ever.
I can't tell you the difference this will make for my little blog, and I really feel very honored that they have faith in me to do something great with it.
I would also like to thank them for trusting me to hold class long enough to be given a driver for the day. I did. Mum will be so proud.

Finally I would like to add my congratulations to the brilliant Kim, from a blog I love, called All consuming (highly recommend it to all friends who like to cook and laugh) on winning also, we rocked all of the challenges. She kicked my A in the egg challenge, but I came back with the dish challenge.

There is some hilarious footage of the day, I cant wait to show you, and the proper official recount is still to come, meanwhile....this is a bit of what went on.

My driver, (Shout out to Nabil) took a punt that I would enjoy some RnB for the ride in.
He was correct.
Yo Fiddy.

Like its yo birthday..

There was some very vintage type decorative stuff going on upon our arrival.. I like it.

Caution: sometimes at these events, I learn things. The next paragraph contains Information, that if retained, may assist you in winning a meat tray on trivia night.

Did you know that Mr Procter and Mr Gamble married sisters? They were also responsible for the first radio Ad, TV ad and product placement on a TV show.
I think there are a lot of music video clip producers that owe them a great deal of gratitude... Including and especially you Fiddy.... We get it OK?.. Pontiac.
I couldn't help but wish that Mr Procter was a doctor though... Can't have it all. all know my love of this man..
Pantene Ambassador, the man responsible for the hottest hair on Drew Barrymore, John Galliano, Kate Moss, Sophie Dahl, Erin O’Connor, Rufus Sewell, Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsay, Jodie Kidd to name a few...and on his less fortunate days....Mine.
Mr Barney Martin.
This is a pic I took of him laughing at my attempts to style my own hair.

To resemble this...

With no product... In ten minutes.

I had it going on for a while, but then it deflated, just like most of my baking attempts... I had no Pantene ok Barney?

I whisked egg whites into firm white peaks by hand... For the first time ever.
There is a reason that I have never done that before and that is because it hurts.
I made a joke about having shaky sex arms.. I immediately regretted it.
Girls don't get sex arms... Think about it... Idiot.
I came third..... and I have a new found appreciation for Braun.

My dear friend Kim, whom also won. We then made jokes about her being an excellent beater, and me being an awesome scrubber.
Then we grew up and remembered to act like we were at work.

Although I failed terribly at making crude jokes, check out the winning....

I am most excited about this recent injection of awesomeness to my blog.
I'm an **Olympic medalist in being excited about it & I can't wait to show you the footage, I will begin warming popcorn in preparation for the hilariousness.

Em x

**not actually an Olympic medalist per se


Miss Pink said...

Go you! With your badass self!
I think those challenges would have been hilarious and loads of fun.

Veggie Mama said...

I hand-whipped egg whites once. NEVER AGAIN.

That Granny said...

Looks like all that washing up you did as a kidster paid orff..... Luv Mum XXX

Kirsty said...

Love it - well done! Enjoy the spoils of your bloggership and while it's not the Olympics per se winning any sort of competition still rocks. And you got a MacBook - all kinds of awesome!

Madam Bipolar said...

I always knew you were a god damned winner!

Madam Bipolar said...

I always knew you were a god damned winner!