Monday, July 16, 2012

Jeeves appreciation day.

I spent this weekend waiting for tradies. It was in stark contrast to last weekend.. When I spent my time in vagina fabulousness, but that is ok... You see we had a series of small miracles over the weekend.
I tend to get unnaturally excited about small miracles these days.
Here are some of the things I became all flustered with happy about, this weekend;

The return of running water to my kitchen.
My dishwasher.
My dishwasher working.
The sound of my dishwasher working.

I will never tire of these things, although I am realistic about how long the shine will last on the following.

Stacking the dishwasher,
Unstacking the dishwasher.

These things still put a bit of a spring in my step, although I do know that before long I will be whining about them, and trying to delegate them to members of my family with ample dexterity for the job.
But for now, they still fill me with joy.

I even washed things in my dishwasher that didn't actually need washing... I just wanted to fill the load to hear her marvelous song.

I feel as though I have been reunited with a long lost family member. A helpful family member.....
Oh Jeeves!! how I have missed you! I have missed your help!! I am truly useless without you...
Your distance left a hole in my spirit, a hole that slowly grew, every time I had to carry a bucket to the bathroom....And now you are back!!!


I have planned a small parade in your honour.
(The Teen declined to be involved.. So he will be first on the list when I tire of unstacking)

Is there an appliance you just cannot be without?



Lisa Mclean said...

I live without a dishwasher. Woe is me. It is inhumane.

River said...

You washed things that didn't need washing???
How much water did you just unnecessarily use?
Tsk Tsk

I understand your joy in the return of Jeeves though.
I think I'd have a very hard time of it if my dvd player died and I couldn't immediately get a replacement.

Miss Pink said...

That was the best shit ever!!
I adore that episode/song and your kids were being wayyyy cute.

That Granny said...

I can't live without my Dyson.....