Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Le Band Update. I infuriate myself.

I fecking love this video. It is one of my all time favorite comedy sketches ever.
It is hilarious because it's true. It is genius and brilliant.

Picking three or four songs that are great in somewhat of an acoustic fashion, and learning them should be very easy. It's amazing what songs became great when done acoustically.
I heard the best acoustic version of Moves like Jagger..and you are probably laughing right now but I promise it was unreal.

So it should be simple... And here's the the thing about Should be...

I have to make shit hard. It's infuriating being inside my head right now, I really, really wish that I would shut up for a minute.
I get like that, I'm annoying. I even annoy myself.
It's probably PMS.
Even the fucking dog is generally irritated in my presence.

Meanwhile, I still have to pick three or four songs, but I have come up with the title of our first album..
Its called....

That my friends is an update from le band.

Here are some more pics from the last practice.

I love you guys MWAH X

Em x


Debyl said...

That video is absolutley brilliant.Thankyou for sharing.Loved it.
You lovely lady will pick the right songs and the right title as you are doing what you are meant to do.
When you do something with a passion you just cant go wrong.Hugs.Debyl1xx

Miss Pink said...

I love that skit. It was hilarious.

Just go with your gut. If it's not letting you know yet then maybe there's a reason, but I think when you know you'll know.