Monday, July 23, 2012

No Drummer yet....

This weekend was a busy one, firstly.. I went on a wee little shopping spree, with my P&G Bloggership money, and this is the first blog post that I have written on my new lap top, MY laptop, which is now, and forever will be void of Mine craft, LMAFO film clips and other crappy children's paraphernalia........ hows the serenity??
everything works.. at speed. I am in geek heaven... I also immensely enjoyed the salesman's description of what the extra memory I requested would do for my computer.
He gave me a very entertaining interpretive dance, using his hands to gesture web pages popping up everywhere.. and quickly!! Apparently that's what extra memory does... I laughed and laughed and bought it anyway.

( I chose a Sony Vaio, just in case you were interested.. and if not, I am terribly sorry that you already read that last sentence)

Saturday night was The Doc's house warming partay, and as good excuse as any to get in some band practice. I played Bass for the first time ever, and I tell you that it wont be the last, even though I was quietly packing my dacking... especially when the rest of the band looked at me and said,
"OK we just need an A, D and E.. it's really easy...ready?"
I looked at the bass and panicked... it has FOUR strings... I don't know anything about anything with four strings.

lucky for me my band mates are patient teachers, and they were right, it was fairly easy..meanwhile, now I can play bass for those songs that require a base line of A, D and E.

I need a bass (note to cabbage... write that down)

Which reminds me.. You are yet to meet the band.

This here is Steve....

I cant show you his face because he is a dentist... No not really, but this was a great pic. 

This  here is Steve also.. not the same Steve, but a Steve none the less... Fantastic for name memory purposes..

 And, you all know Adam.

 Then this is me..playing a guitar that is a tiny little bit larger than I am.... picking cashews out of my teeth...and yes, this does mean that I am the only one with a ovaries in the band.. I know right! SA-LUUUT!

Lucky Cabbage is our number one fan.

We played terribly, and it was out of time... as what we make up for in multiple guitarists we lack in the time keeping convenience of a drummer.

We have a large volume of fun though, so our sounding shit house was kind of a non issue, and our many mistakes were masked mostly by hilarious laughter.

Many apologies to the Doc's New neighbours..
ahh.. what a weekend.

Happy Monday.

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Miss Pink said...

I have a Vaio. A pink one (of course).
Good to meet the band!
I started learning bass just after my 18th, but then I started drinking too much and stopped playing music (I could play the keyboard).