Thursday, July 19, 2012

TIP! It stopped raining.

I had a pretty crappy morning, after enjoying a wonderful Birthday dinner for my beautiful Sister the evening before.

I slept in.

I cannot for the life of me, see the sense in having a Snooze and Stop function on my iPhone alarm. Do you know how similar they look when you are half asleep?
DO YOU MR APPLE?!?! Do they have to be so close together???
I suggest having a massive green NOT YET and a large red OK BITCH, IM UP.
Write that down.


My morning was incredibly lighter when I discovered that my Post for It Takes a Village was posted on the hugely talented Bianca, From Bigwords blog today!!

I wrote a message for her beautiful girls about friendship and Love, I am a little bit proud of it and you should read it.


Even being a little late for the school run this morning could not dampen my spirits.. But I tell you what can.

Master eight.

Crying about going to school, but still dressing for school, and eating his breakfast and fetching his lunch box and library bag, in between silent little sobs.
He was still crying when I dropped him off, but he went in anyway, and then stood at the gate, waving and wiping his eyes with his free hand.

That will do it.

It took every ounce of strength not to call him back to the car. I watched him... Waving, and sobbing till another little boy came up and tapped him on the shoulder, the boy gave him a huge grin and shouted TIP! Right in his face.
With that Master eight stopped waving and ran away, little legs pumping across the asphalt to dump his bag and join in the game.

It took me a minute to blink my own tears back enough to drive away, it took me a further minute to compose myself when a woman in the unjustified white 4WD honked and pushed her way in behind me.
That just made me wait longer... When she beeped again I calmly unbuckled my seat belt... All the while telling myself "Don't do it Emma... just drive away" but I never listen to anything I have to say, so I got out and shouted at her to "Wait a minute!! How hard is it?? What the hell is wrong with you?!?
I might have added something about her being an impatient something.... Outside of a SCHOOL!!!
Further more I continued to rant while I returned to my car... Something about her 4WD choking our planet... And something more about me hoping she would choke on something... It may have been dick.

I'm not proud.
I saw her face in my mirror when I drove away... (Slowly, like an arsehole) I saw that this woman was having a bad day too, I saw it in her face.
She was probably blinking back her own tears.. How the fuck would I know? I'm not the only one allowed to have a shitty day.

Then I was at my Arsehole home, I sat in front of my arsehole computer and couldn't for the life of me think of anything to write which is neither a big deal nor in anyway unusual.
But today it was.
I have written a post every day this week, why could I not make it a whole week of posting every day?? Why? It is one week... The sky is falling... And now it was raining.

About thirty seconds later, I received a picture.
This picture.

It stopped raining see?

It came all the way from Pendle, Lancashire, UK.... from someone I have never met, who takes the time to read my blog, and understand my humor. This person who made an effort, to send it to me....From the other side of the world!! And it's beautiful, and I needed to see it this morning, and they didn't even know.
This picture was a huge smile and a shouted "TIP!" In my face.. And a whole week posting.

I am taking it to get printed and I am going to put it next to my computer, for the next time it rains.

Thanks for being my tip buddy Stephen from Pendle Lancashire.
You should follow him on twitter here!/stephenrthomson

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