Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hunting Hugh Jackman, Day ONE

So it turns out that Hugh was in Kew .. or was it Kurnell.?... It was one of the towns that you can put a Far in front of to make it a swear.... which was just superbly ironic, and who cares because,   I was spending the day, #HuntingHughJackman. in PICTON.

But all is not lost, as by 12pm the helicopters were hovering… (annoyingly close, because they are very loud when they are close…..but deliciously close if they were full of Hugh Jackman)
Which they weren't.

Security was tight but friendly....

Whats a blog? Never heard of you .. Get Out...:D

I also had a tweet from the Deputy Mayor of Picton, wishing me much success in my Hugh Jackman Hunting.

After following a few tip offs, My first snoop was to the local gym, where I just thought I had better pop in.. and make sure that Hugh Jackman was not working himself into a wolverine type sweat in there..I mean someone had to check and it may as well be me...

Ian from the Pumphouse Gym was very kind to let me check,.... just to be sure.....No Hugh.

I was delighted to meet some fellow #HuntingHughJackman ers.

I snapped a few pictures of the set being built and I did the groceries then I came home.

Guess what??. Coles even clean their signs in preparation of Hugh,

 Which I thought was a little extreme personally… considering there was absolutely NO merchandising of the Lipton Ice section… pfft amatures.

The main Street is now more than ready for Hugh’s arrival..Do you know how I know this?
Because the Deputy Mayor took pictures on his way home and tweeted them to me.
That's how.
That’s Australian right there.

So there you have it Wolverine Fans!

Thank you Kindly to Dpty Mayor Banasik for the Pictures.
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