Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hunting Hugh Jackman.

Our little home town does see its fair share of excitement. For some strange reason, we get a lot of filming of movies and commercials out here.

The latest block buster to close the main Street of our little town, for an inappropriately inconvenient amount of time, is Wolverine.

WHAT? Yes Wolverine, which means ladies, and gents, that Hugh Jackman is roaming loose, wild and quite possibly shirtless, who knows? In my home town, within perving distance of my house… if by my house I mean cutting through the back paddock behind my house, climbing a few fences and crossing the road. Whatever, it’s not important, Hugh Jackman is practically next door... and will be, until 6pm Friday.

I invite you to join me in #Huntinghughjackman when I will be live tweeting my attempts to find him, Then, say something to him… and try to remember NOT to bring up  the Lipton add.... might be awkward…..then take a picture, & tweet it.
It can totally be done.
If you were Hugh Jackman, where would you hide?

1 comment:

Sam-O said...

I just had St Marks flash into my head... It may be a sign. Good Luck!!