Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Touche Cabbage- In The News

Cabbage never quite got over the time, *Pause for dramatic sigh and eye roll..…… That I, accompanied him on a work trip and I promised to be demure and sip my wine and make polite and pleasant conversation with his new boss and he was very apologetic that it might be very boring for me… And
…I'm not entirely sure how, but I ended up in corporate box seats watching AC/DC, chugging beers from plastic cups and sweet talking our way into after party drinks,………….. And then… serenading cabbage with AC/DC songs, badly and loudly into beer glasses…. In duet form… with his new boss.

Turns out that cabbage needn’t have worried, his new boss and I got along famously.
He promised to get me back one day, even though his boss gave him the whole next day off… I know, INGRATE!

Anyway, He eventually resigned from that job and now has his own business, and I ironically, work for him now. Punishment enough right?
Only, This last week has been pretty busy, for me, and in a weird twist of fate, I have become more reliant on Cabbage, to give me a hand.... to keep me updated with the various goings online, the perfect position for someone with a twitter addiction as great as his.

If he is not tweeting and telling me what he tweets and then shoving them in my face to view in the stream, he is tweet commentating everything…….. Please keep in mind that I can’t unsubscribe from this people, its constant. He taunts me with threatening to send inappropriate tweets and I beg him to change his twitter name, or at least change his bio from "Married to the Ambi-Pur chick, and she didn't smell any of that".

I suggested:  I am self-employed, therefore these views are my own & that of my employer. Just for a refreshing change.

He has vowed to stay In My Face forever...

A few evenings ago, after spending quite a deal longer with cabbage during a work week, than I would usually, (As doing radio over the phone and three year olds with volume and boundary control issues don't mix.)

I was a little excited by the prospect of Cabbage having a shower and going to bed, much the same way I get with an excitable child… It was now Midnight and I had a whole heap of writing to do… and eventually he announced his shower, in the same way he announces his exit from any room for any reason…. 
Having a shower.. Nod, 
going for a crap, nod,
.. walking the dogs, nod…  So off to the shower he goes, and just when the silenced enveloped me... 
(Please excuse the crappy editing.. it was midnight OK?)

Touche Cabbage Man.. Touche...

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