Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Father's Day Dad, I hope your balls are comfy.

Father’s Day is here again, It is my least favorite of all the holidays, because it has nothing to do with me.
It is also a time to thank our dads for giving us just enough dysfunction to make us funny, (totally Stole that from a blunt card) and for some strange reason, also a time for underwear brands to thrust their wares upon us. WHY FOR THE LOVE ?!?

I don’t know about you, but when I think about my dad the last thing that pops into my head are undies, or as my dad calls them Reg Grundy’s, that eventually evolved into being pronounced RegScrundgies.

But Kudo’s to the Marketing team of underwear brands who secured their way into the Dad Day market by convincing us that Dads are indeed, incapable of buying themselves underwear as they need it, because we can’t forget, Dad is hopeless.. That’s why the underwear companies also make T-shirts and Panama’s that say so. It’s Ok though, because they also included a picture of a golf ball and a beer l on it, so it hilarious…. Alcoholic Dads love golf.

While you’re there, don’t forget the socks. They make those too and we all know that a happy Dad is a patronized Dad.

This is where I assume, the Handkerchief made entry to the father’s day market.

Because poor old dad, in his new Reg Grundy’s, will need to have a good old cry when everyone goes home, at just where he went wrong that his offspring are so concerned about the comfort of his balls.

To balance out the patronizing presents, your next stop is the hardware market, because good old Dad, whilst incapable of buying his own underwear, he is clearly amply qualified to take on grand scale renovation projects, and he simply cannot be without all of the necessary equipment to compete in the neighbourhood Lawn Olympics.

I am more of a Hardware/ liquor store father’s day shopper.  I am unfortunately in the social demographic, that shopping for yachting shoes is fairly redundant, so I may as well buy Cabbage various power tools in a hopeless and desperate attempt to get him to do things for me around the house.

Hahahahaha... Anyway.....

Happy Father’s Day Fathers, Hope its crammed full of Patronizing, beer and golf adorned Power grinding fabulousness.

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