Friday, September 21, 2012

You Go Girlfriend! FTW.


The teen has somehow managed to acquire himself a willing girlfriend, and not just a willing girlfriend... but a CHEER LEADING girlfriend. 

I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it to begin with,  and then something fabulous happened. I like to call it, YOU GO GIRLFRIEND! -For the Win.

I now have a teen with a girlfriend. Which means that he showers with little to no prompting from me. DAILY… and thoroughly. This includes washing his hair.  FTW.

His teeth are also now the cleanest they have ever been since they ruptured his gum. FTW.

Deodorant is used with abundance, sometimes too much abundance, but whatever. Teenage boys stink, I’ll put up with the occasional gassing of Lynx essence de adolescence. FTW.

The teen also discovered that he does indeed have a bedroom floor. Not only is his room clean and tidy on a regular basis, but he has taken a keen interest in the correct storage and cleanliness of his clothing. FTW.

Playing Computer games has lost its appeal, and has taken a back seat to declaring his love for the girlfriend on viber. This means that there is little to no fighting with his brother as to whose turn it is on mine craft. FTW

His Girlfriend having decided that Ms 3 is the cutest thing on two legs means that the teen now acts like Ms 3 is the cutest thing on two legs, Even if she deletes all of the apps on his iPod, and he has been heard to exclaim.. "Yeah.. she sure is cute" regularly. Master eight has also become the new owner of several of the teens prized toys and possessions that are clearly far too childish for anyone with a girlfriend, improving relations between the two, immensely.  FTW.

Having realised that a having a girlfriend requires funds, and keeping up communication with phone credit, an absolute must, the teen has taken to his chores with enthusiasm and with little prompting, which means that our household rubbish and recycling are emptied not only, before I must rant about it, but before the local wildlife rummage through it.

 The lawn has also seen a new lease on life with regular maintenance at $20 a pop; I am also yet to unstack the dishwasher this term.

His dependence on staying at the same school as his girlfriend has seen his grades and work ethic improve to the point that his Maths teacher rang to inform me of his improvement.

The teen is also yet to miss a day of school, EVEN WHEN ACTUALLY ILL.. and has even taking to rising early packing his own lunch and catching the early-EARLY bus.


So, YOU GO GIRLFRIEND.. MMMM HHMMM I say! And I even say it a slight head wobble accompanied by a finger snap.

Happy Friday.


Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures said...

My son can stink and be lazy and disrespectful all he wants as a teen, to girlfriends, I say 'hell no!' HAHAHAHA
Love this post!!

Julia Kuku Couture Invitations said...

This is hilarious and reminded me soo much if high school. I can definitly wait for the day my babies become teenagers