Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Patronising, Its when you are spoken to like you are an idiot.

(I PROMISE, I didn't smell any of that)

Is there a particular reason that Bloggers whom are also parents, are portrayed in the media as sneaky, facial cream grabbing, housewives, whom have nothing better to do than spend hours online, sedating their boredom, by meddling in the media, and tricking people into buying things?

I don’t think that I have had one interview yet, that didn’t begin with the golden question, why did you start blogging? Was it the boredom and loneliness of being a mum at home?

I have thought about changing my bio to;
One Bored and very lonely Mum. Blogging!- To fill the void that a real job left. For the time being I can blog, and trick my friends into buying appliances that I get sent, just till the kids are all independent enough. Then, I can go and get a real job. Just think! I might even be able to get A REAL JOB writing a witty column for a magazine. If I’m lucky, I might write for a magazine, a real magazine that has just as many subscribers as my blog. I could then choose exactly what I put in my column, and what products I share with my REAL job readers.

Misogyny…. So hot right now.

Not only is it patronising to me, but it is patronising to you there, the one reading. Apparently you will buy things on my say so, which is awesome by the way, because I need a new car. Please buy me one.
I promise I’m not missing the point about it being blogger disclosure, and I understand why I really do.
We can’t go around accepting payment for sponsored posts and pretending we love something so that our idiotic readers will buy them, its misleading and completely unfair to somewhat dull readership who have no idea what’s going on, because where will it end?!?

The next thing we know, whole cricket teams will be sending subliminal messages to young sportsmen that eating KFC will improve your spin bowl.

I always disclose sponsored activity on my blog. The reaction from my community has been mostly positive, but I am not going to stop with disclosing on my blog, Facebook and twitter.

`I promise the next time I am having a legitimate conversation with my real, market recognised School parent community, to be wearing a T Shirt that states the exact terms and conditions of any brand I mention. Perhaps I could get away with not mentioning any brands personally, just play a game of charades with the other mums at the school gate, the next time someone asks me where I got the pocket bread in Mr Eight’s lunchbox.

Supermarket 1 word, sounds like; Moles.

I’m taking the piss I know; we all know bloggers are not journalists. We have no editor, no final word. There is no one that is accountable at the end of the day. I could write whatever I like on my blog,  I might say something hugely misleading and damaging like Leisel is too fat to swim and then what?!?
In all seriousness, the main difference between bloggers and Media is that media have an audience. Viewers and readers. Bloggers have a platform for an audience, and a community. Which I guess is why the argument pisses me off so much.

The only reason anyone is still doing stories on Mummy bloggers accepting payment, is that no one can quite understand why their opinion matters, and that’s because they don’t understand the community.

 It’s also why all last night’s issue of media watch accomplished nothing more than a chance to get #SPANKYTOWN trending on twitter.

You can’t convince me that this community is built on a hot bed of distrust because I live there. Don’t patronise me into believing that I trust and help my community, based on the say so of a few witty bored women.

Fuck off.

It’s patronising to Male parent bloggers.

It is patronising to the blogger who will never again see the world through eyes that didn’t see the atrocities of the food crisis inNiger, ever again. This blogger travelled to Niger because the real media, real magazines, don’t want to report of massive famine alongside an advertisement for food.
The combined support of the community meant that these stories were told and shared. Did I sponsor a child because Eden told me to? You bet your Arse I did.

It’s Patronising to the story tellers, who share their remarkable lives and through their stories, raise awareness for causes like the Shepherd Centre, Foundation 18, Autism, mental illness, domestic violence. The list is endless.

Last Media Watch picked many things from these blogs, but failed to mention any of these causes. What a sad fucking shame.

Meanwhile, I’m tired from being pissed off. I am going to check out Styling you and buy something. & not because Nikki Parkinson told me to, but because the last time I asked her if my arse looked big in something, she told me the truth.

Emma xx

PS If you are a blogger with a cause, feel free to add your link down the bottom.

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