Monday, November 12, 2012

Moving forward and learning.

Self talk can be very powerful, and it is amazing how changing your perspective on something can have a significant impact. Equally as amazing is the revelation that I was capable of putting this into action, rather than scoffing at it.

This weekend was a busy one; Ms Three became Miss Four, overnight as it tends to happen.
I surprised myself by not letting any guilt in ALL DAY; in fact I am yet to feel it. This is a moment people, A. MOMENT!

The day was filled with presents, sugar, food, visits and undivided attention...
Not to mention THE CUBBY HOUSE.

She is in love with her new digs...

The morning was then spent with her best friend Archie, where she spent the morning decorating the new house and looking lovingly at him, & much to his embarrassment, announced her intention to marry every 8 seconds.

I even busted out some cake making skills.

And by cake making skills I mean, I iced over the original icing on a supermarket mud cake with pre mixed icing and stuck a favourite toy on top. As Ms Four only eats the icing anyway, I felt that this was a genius solution.
Double icing, for the win.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to wish Ms Four a happy birthday, I read each of the messages to her when we were lying in bed on the night of her birthday, and this momentarily replaced the tradition of perusing old photographs so that I could eat myself away with guilt. The revelation that I need not punish myself EVERY. Fucking .Year was refreshing and felt very much like moving forward.  (Thank you internets x)
So much learning, So much Moving forward.

Another thing I learned is that I may or may not have made a huge mistake last week, the outcome is yet to be decided, the pending however sits on my gut like a rock when I think about it, and it makes me nervous and flighty.
I cant be any more specific about the mistake, only to say I wish I had of read THIS POST, much sooner.

I am thankful that I have some fantastic supportive friends, whom were more than willing to offer an open inbox, and some very much needed advice, you guys know who you are, Mwah mwah mwah.

I also learned that I am treading on ground very foreign to me, I don’t always know how things work, or what the best decisions for me and my blog are.
 I concluded it might be time to bring in outside help, which is difficult for someone whom is as large of a control freak as I, but as always, I’m still moving forward...

Another thing I learned, is that if you  lunch with two different celebrity chefs in a week, ALL food that passes your lips proceeding those meals, will be subpar and inferior.

I am yet to learn how I will ever enjoy normal Lasagne and Dumplings again.

But more about that later, because today I am still learning, and moving forward.
It feels fantastic.

Emma xx

Congratulations to KIM MAXWELL, the winner of the new Sony Xperia Go Telio funkin.

Please email with your contact details, so I can get this baby into your letterbox ASAP.

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