Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What happens when you actually meet your free pass?

Most couples have a free pass right? A certain celebrity you have a crush on, that  given the chance, you have a free pass to have a flirt, and should the chance arise, a shag and there is nothing your partner can say about it, lest they stand in the way of your celebrity crush, ruin your life and turn into a bitter reminder of what solid, tangible resentment looks like.

These agreements are made on the premise that you will never actually get the chance to meet your free shag, but your spouses choice can offer an entertaining insight into their psychological makeup, and I dont think the words As If are used enough in relationships today.

Mine has always been either of the Madden Boys, Cabbage chose Jennifer Love Hewitt, (I know right?... Boobs)

Anyway, the agreement was deemed fair in both geographical inconvenience and chances of meeting being ZERO.

After Cabbages later insistence that it was unfair that I got two free passes, I narrowed my preference to Benji Madden as my love for Nicole Ritchie forbid a betrayal by ever free passing on Joel...

So anyway, again, fairness was established, hands were shaken.

Given the chance, he was allowed to break furniture with Jenny-Witt and I with Gee- Mads, he went back to ogling boobs and I carried on my merry way listening to Good Charlotte, whilst I did daily boring things.

Then, Last Friday, I received a phone call.

Not just any phone call,

A phone call asking If I would like to spend the evening, at a party, with the Madden Boys.

The PR lady was so composed, and I TRIED to be cool, I was all like... Hmmm, this Tuesday, its a little short notice, but let me check my diary.YES, YES, I'm coming, I'm on my way now, I'm outside, buzz me in.
Gasp, pant, gasp, pant,
*Breathes into a paper bag,

I of course could not wait to tell cabbage, who was disturbingly not fazed by my potential free passing. 

When he arrived home he gave me an annoyingly & genuinely excited for me kiss, I know right?  A-hole.

He then  wished me luck and instructed me to tell the Madden boys that if they wanted me, there would be a brief moment that he would be inconsolable, but he would survive, he then went back to twitter, So I ignored his selfish lack of jealousy and I began doing a little sexy dance up the hallway,  titled,

"I am going to see the twins."

The choreography involved an elaborate skip combined with a spanking movement that actually resembled more of a buffing motion, but I am uncoordinated and do a lot of scrubbing of things. Whatever, it was all very romantic.

The night arrived, and I tried to be cool... I REALLY did, but this is the problem with being mistaken for someone far cooler than I actually am, I'm actually not..
Then there was this whole thing, I was hysterical..... and Jimmy Barnes...
Let me explain. I managed to grab some footage for you,

Prepare to swoon...

Em x

So we are all clear,
I was invited to the KFC #Goodtimes Launch by Edelman I was not paid, commissioned nor was there any expectation to write this post.

The Official Video, explaining what the whole night was actually about, which obviously was not me, as I am not the only pebble on the beach, can be found here if you want to squiz, or just want more Madden..


Crash Test Mummy said...

Wow! How awesome is it to be a blogger? I couldn't understand the attraction until I saw more of Joel on The Voice. They are such good singers too.

My free pass is Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs (boring I know) but I actually met him recently! Never thought that would happen. I was on Cloud 9!

Catherine Rodie Blagg (Cup of Tea and a Blog) said...

That is so cool! My free pass is Guy Garvey, frontman of Elbow (my fav band ever!). I frequently tell my hubby that if things don't work our between us ill run away with Guy instead!

wsb said...

My free pass is Johnny Depp :-) How cool you got to meet yours - hope you got a hug at least :)