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Getting my craft on.- RedBalloon

Disclaimer: Quite some time ago, I was invited to be a RedBalloon Blogger.
Basically, I was asked to review some of the gift experiences that Red Balloon offer and write about them. I thought this would be fun.
You should also know that RedBalloon vouchers were gifted to me, and as always, opinions are my own. I also managed to score discount code if this looks like something you would like, you can save $30 until the 31.01.13 The code is at the bottom.

Getting my craft on...

Meanwhile, when I was asked to be a RedBalloon Blogger, I had heard of RedBalloon before, I knew that they sold experiences and had heard of friends doing Bridge climbs and parachute jumps and speed laps in race cars and boats, things like that, so at first I was a little alarmed, you see.. 

As well being afraid of clowns, I also have a very big problem with heights.
My legs shake when I stand on a chair to change a light bulb kind of problem with heights.
I am also not a member of the enclosed spaces, or excessive speed fan clubs.

That’s right my friend, I am a barrel of fun.

I took a squiz at what was on offer hoping that perhaps they offered the kind of experience that involved a cup of tea, a good book and a nap and was pleased to learn that they had plenty of experiences that did not involve deceiving your body into thinking you may be near death, I also made a mental note to find less adventurous friends.

I chose to a Resin Jewellery workshop, because although I do not enjoy heights, confined spaces, high speeds or clowns, I do enjoy getting a bit of craft on.

 Also, I recently purchased a pair of yellow shoes, and I love them, however they do make quite the statement,   I bumped into a woman at Kmart, and while I was bumbling an apology, I thought, jeez lady, turn your shoes down, I can’t hear a thing, and then I realised it was me. I had bumped into a full length mirror… and it was me.

The only solution was yellow accessories, if in doubt, add more yellow.  

I figured I could make some.

So, I trained it over to Newtown, (Although these particular lessons are run in most states, check the website for details.) 

I then, fell asleep on the train, woke up in a mild panic somewhere around Green square, and was momentarily confused into thinking that it was dark outside and I had slept through my station, and that I was somewhere near Cairns.

Full. Of class.

After regaining my bearings I found myself at a very quaint Resin Jewellery making class, held in THE Coolest little art supplies store I had ever stepped foot in.

Firstly, we had a quick rundown on the nature of resin, safety, colours and measurements, then we looked through some jewellery moulds to get an idea of what it was we liked.

There was Soooo much that I liked, but I ended up choosing a chunky style bangle and an even chunkier ring. (When in doubt, add more yellow remember?)  But first there was much mixing and measuring, I may have made a joke about meth labs.. but it was OK, everyone  laughed, because everyone was friendly and clearly have a great sense of humor.

Measuring was followed by Pigmenting and deciding on transparency, or level of pearl.
Then there was the pouring, apparently the success of the piece was in the pouring. This was mine...

Never to mind. It was a very.... good... first, attempt.

We then learned some more, before it came time to turn out our moulds. I was so excited, ridiculously so, like a kid waiting for a cake to be iced, I skipped from foot to foot in delight waiting to see my beautiful yellow precious. 

Luckily for me the resin only takes about 15 minutes to set, or as the people in the Biz call it, going off.
Instant gratification… That is my kind of craft.

Next came some sanding, as you can see, I had quite a bit of sanding to do, to make up for my lack of pouring skills, We then got to do it all again!

For my second attempt, I may have gotten a little over creative.. I called this bracelet.. Ode to a rawhide dog chew. The Tom thumb ring turned out pret-ty Fun-ky though..

After some delightful table chatter, in which I learned that fellow workshopper Alisa's boyfriend was hit by a car that morning and was OK! Shout out to Alisa's Boyfriend and his ribs of steel, a tour of the store was next, we were then sent home with some homework, spare sanding paper & all of our jewellery so that we could change the look of our resin pieces at home, whenever we wanted.

Look at the precious, making my shoes use their inside voice, and I made them!

I should also add that I may have gone online as soon as I got home and I dropped a few dollars on some supplies to put my new found skills into practice, this stuff is ADDICTIVE! BE Warned!!

Interested or know of someone special who would appreciate getting their craft on for Christmas?

This particular class costs $150.00   Even better, because you are clearly fabulous and read my blog, Enter this code at the check out;


& it will save you $30  This offer is valid till the 31.01.13

$30 discount is for vouchers over $129.00

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