Friday, December 14, 2012


Today, I await the teens end of year school report.

For those who actively follow my social media channels, you will know that we had a small incident with a certain person, who shall remain nameless (It was the teen's) Half yearly report.

I am not going to go into details about it, but let's just say that the letters D and F were thrown around, and abundant.

This led me to have a minor... Moment and many discussions were had of the C word variety, and before you go phoning the department of child services, the C word in our house stands for Chev, which is a semi local, and much feared private school.

The C also stands for cash, of which you need plenty of to attend said private school, C was also the lowest grade required to avoid going to the first C word, and avoid me having to possibly give out sevices from the back of BI-LO car park, to find enough of the second C word, to send him to the first.

Are you following me here? Good. Let's never speak of it again.

The teen really stepped up the second half of this year, could it have something to do with the newly acquired girlfriend, and his dependence on staying at the same school as her?
In part yes.

Could it have something to do with the fact that cabbage and I rock at being fantastic parents, and that we were armed with the readily available and generous advice of a certain ex Principal and all time beautiful person, Denyse (Ready Set School) via twitter? Yes.

However, what it boils down to is the teen put his head down and bum up.
He took ownership and accountability.
He completed homework tasks with effort and thought.
He listened to his parents and teachers.
He saw the bigger picture; he made improvements and revaluated his peer groups.
When certain children made fun of his intelligence, he came up with the line I will pay your wage one day" in response, and he carried on learning to the best of his ability.
He did all of these things, and more to better his situation.
He did that.

Yesterday I attended a special achievement award ceremony at his School. I sat it the second row, camera in hand, smug with the knowledge that I had received a letter to inform me that the teen would be receiving an award.

As I sat smugly, waiting for the show to begin, Hawaii five O playing from the school band rather loudly in my left ear, I contemplated the teens turn around for the second half of this year, periodically pausing in my reflection to tell Ms 4 to cease and desist kicking the chair of the person in front.

I glanced at the program and noted that the year seven awards were first, which pleased my impatience, but I also mentally calculated how many awards of other peoples children I would have to sit through before it finished.
Don't look at me like that... We all know everybody does it.

So the year seven awards begin, and the teens name was called, the year adviser followed his name with the title of his award. First in marks for PE and health.
The teen sheepishly took the stage and I snapped away with my camera.. Only the year adviser went on...
Also head teachers award for visual arts.
AND technology's
AND a special mention for the state maths competition.

I stopped snapping away, and stared in awe and bursting with pride at my first born on the stage.
My eyes welled with proud tears as he gave me a wave then posed for his photograph taken by several photography students.

He exited the stage and I sat there, so proud, I can't even articulate it into words.

Today, the teen receives his end of year school report. I don't even care what it says.
It's not about being the best at everything; it's about being the best he can be.

I already know he gets that. 

I'm off to have a bit of a proud cry again.

Happy Friday.

Emma xx


Meggsie said...

How wonderful. It felt like I was there with you.

Miss Cinders said...

Awesome! How very totally cool beyond words!