Saturday, December 1, 2012

What was almost the Anti Giant Crap Sandwich

This post began as the anti-giant crap sandwich,

I know.

 I barely recognised myself, for several days I wandered around, being and feeling, generally pleasant.

Who was this person? And what did she do with the much more sarcastic, much more amusing, easily angered me & My Giant Crap Sandwich?

To be fair, It helped that I have not really had time to bother with being angry so that was a bonus,  both in being busy, and in my not wanting to randomly poke people in the back of the head.

See? I even found bonuses in bonuses, and people like that usually piss me right off.

 However, my not wanting to randomly poke people in the back of the head, was most helpful for Barnsey in particular, also me, because I LIKE jimmy Barnes, The guy is legendary.

 I couldn’t help but think that the whole… “episode” was Karma for all of the bad thoughts and perhaps tweets  I had, regarding the bogans 1 ½ streets away who think it’s perfectly acceptable to sing Khe Sanh at the top of their many voices, every fucking Friday night like they are some sort of rum swilling, tone incompatible church choir.

What’s that sound you asked?

 Khe Sang? Blatant overuse of both the Eff and C words?  The faint smell of cans burning?

Must be early Saturday morning, Up Town Wollondilly.

Before I knew it, the weekend had begun, complete with Giant crap sandwich.
Everything is coming up Millhouse.

Em x

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