Friday, February 1, 2013

I sent Cabbage, A Sony Give Away.

Just before Christmas, I was invited to attend the launch of the Sony Vaio tap 20. I RSVP’d because I own a Vaio, and can speak highly of it, also, because Ben O Donoghue was cooking.
On the day I couldn't attend. I dared to send cabbage in my place.
The following is the story of what happens when you send your husband to do your job for a day.
I was not paid to write this post, however you should know that it does contain mention of the Sony Vaio Tap 20 event and a giveaway.
Just so's you know.

I sent cabbage.

When you get invited to eat food that has been cooked by Ben O Donoghue, you just don't say no, I know this, because I have been fortunate enough, to have eaten Ben's Lasagne before, (not a euphemism)
Now, it was not just any lasagne, it was the kind of lasagne that renders all other lasagnes that have ever been eaten before and after it, cardboard.

As well as eating Lasagne, I cracked hilarious jokes, and everyone laughed.

Not really... we did stand around taking 'Light and casual chatter' PR Photographs. I'm not very good at it, because my talking face is not very photogenic, I tend to look like I am trying to hold in a sneeze.  I vowed that day however, that I would once again, meet and eat, with Mr O'Donoghue.

I got my chance at the Vaio Tap 20 Launch, only late in the eve of  the next time I would eat Ben's food, our dear old puss, Justin Timberlake Hasslehoff. God rest his soul, began acting poorly.
By 8am the vet announced that poor old Justin must be put to sleep. His old kidneys had failed him.  I was inconsolable.

I considered emailing Sony and telling them that they must cancel the whole event and rename the Vaio Tap 20, the Justin Timberlake-Hasslehoff in puss's memory, It would be the right thing to do. But then I remembered that there were other media attending, I’m not actually very important, also that I am a drama queen.

I then thought about calling and explaining the situation, but I just knew... the minute I said the words My cat died, and I received the obligatory Oh no! I'm so sorry, how sad... That I would burst into tears and the rest of the conversation would be spent with me screeching *something incomprehensible, JJJaaaarrrrssstin *snot bubble.... whaaaaaaay DO THE GOOD. DIE. SO. YOUNG.!? LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE!!!

So ever the professional, I turned to cabbage and asked if he would please do it, and at the time I meant make the phone call, but he turned to me and said, "But what do you do?"

I paused for a moment, to pondered how I was going to explain that he should dial the number and CALL THEM without swearing, when I realised that he thought I meant, for him to attend the event.

Now, as we all know, Angry is my go to emotion, so when I replayed his question in my mind, my lady ears transformed his  "But what do you do" as a direct dare, much like he had just asked me what it is I do all day.
I was emotional OK? Don't you dare judge me.

So, anyway, I turned to him and said this is what I do.

You go.
You tweet about going.
You get there, you take a picture of what the place looks like before you unleash our children on it.
you listen, and by listen I mean you tweet.
you eat Bens food,  after you have instagramed it.
You decide if you like the product, you tweet accordingly,
you chat to other internet folk you recognize the twitter avatar of, then.... smart arse..
you come home and write about it, but you must remember to write it as though you haven't got a house plus , YOU LIVE ON A COUCH, SO PEOPLE LIKE IT BETTER WHEN YOU WRITE IT OUT.. Then I remembered that the last bit was just me reciting an Ed Sheeran rap, and I burst into fresh tears, because Justin Timberlake-Hasslhoff was also a ginger, and I still don’t have Ed Sheeran tickets.

In between my sobs I thrust my car keys at a confused cabbage dramatically kissed the top of my children's heads and retired to bed.

When I heard the car back out of it the driveway, I burst into fresh tears at the thought of cabbage not having to check behind the car for Justin before he did so and suddenly... I came over all icy at the realization of what I had done.

I had just sent cabbage. To Do. What I do.

  And do it he did, Video-FEAT: Cabbage and two of my three adorable children.

He did my job so well in fact, that I now have three children that must have a Vaio Tap 20 or else one direction will break up and the world will implode, I also have a prize pack from  Sony, (who still love this blog despite meeting cabbage) worth no less than $772.00 To give to one of you.

The prize consists of;

1x Sony Cyber-shot TX20 valued at $249.00

1x Sony Reader RRP  valued at $179.00

1x Signed copy of Ben O’Donoghue’s ‘at home with Ben which is priceless, but the book itself is valued at $49.95.

1x Merlin Entertainments family pass valued at $295.00

ALSO, a Sony Summertainment towel, Frisbee and beach ball and picnic basket,
So much swag.

All you have to do is check out THIS Facebook page, It is Sony's Summertainment, like it if you do, (and I know you do because you want to win their stuff, as well you should), and the prize will be awarded to the first person to deliver to me, back stage Ed Sheeran passes, OR, failing that,  tell me in the comments section below,
Who would win in a fight between a Sony Reader, and a Sony Cybershot TX20.

If you want, tell me why.
It will amuse me to no end.

Cabbage will pick the winner, who will be announced here on the blog on Tuesday 4th Feb 2013.

I know what your thinking... That's some fine print you have there...

Firstly, thanks, it is...


The give away opens 11:30pm Thursday, 31/01/13 and closes 11:59pm Monday 03/02/13.
The give away is open to Australian residents only.
One entry per person per day.
Judges decision is final, no argument will be entered in to.
Each entry must have a valid email address, if you want to go shy guys, and don't want to include it with your comment and do not have disqus installed, then just email me at, with your screen name. Keeping it real.
The winner must claim their prize by COB Friday 07/02/13 by email to
If the prize remains unclaimed, a redraw will occur.
No offensive material guys, keep in PG-13, my Nan reads my blog.

Also, none of your information is stored, sold, passed on or kept for ANY reason, other than to deliver your prize. Your dirty little secrets are safe with me.

Good luck.

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B Nicolls. said...

You know, the question you pose is not one I had ever pondered before. What is more important, photos or reading??? I would say reading as I am a huge reading nut (other people sometimes call me a nut, I like to add the reading to the front of nut), but then I have kids and a bad memory, so I would have to say the Sony Cybershot would win, as I need a photo reminder of my kids growing up...