Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So much Bull Shiz-Nit.

Valentine’s Day is such a crock of shit. & I’m not saying that because I don’t get any valentines, which I don’t... but if I did, I would still think Valentines Day is a massive crock of shit.

It is my most hated and despised of all shitty and useless holidays.
Cabbage bought me a valentine’s gift once. He learned and will never do it again.

What pisses me off most about Valentine’s Day is not hallmark, or the commercialism or any of that kind of stuff. Well actually, having said that, it is kind of the commercialism that pisses me off, but I expect that of massive corporation, it angers me, but not as much as the thought that we as humans need a day to remind ourselves to let someone know we love them.

That we can have one day to celebrate love, but don't have enough respect for love to make it legal for gay people to celebrate it the same way straight people do.

So I am Boycotting V day this year.

Valentines day just makes love a huge competition of who loves who more, with the bigger gifts, and better flowers.  Social media becomes a hot bed of whose spouse hired a sign writer to write a sonnet and baked a heart shaped cake and didn’t buy flowers from the servo.

Equally annoying, is that we can take something as beautiful as love and turn it into a   big dose of inadequacy for those who are single.
In your face!!! Happy Single awareness day, you massive lonely loser! 

Seriously, eat a dick; must we shit on everything sacred?!?

I went to the shop yesterday, to buy cabbage a chilli plant. Not for Valentine’s Day, but because he likes chilli, we have a new veggie garden and I love him.

I was saddened to see that Valentine’s Day had even put its dirty juice all over PRODUCE!! I bought it anyway. 

Fourteen years ago, I spent Valentine’s Day in labour. Not extreme labour, but restless, annoying and exhausting pre labour.
My waters had broken, and I felt like I had severe wind and I was terrified.  I had people fluffing in and out all day expressing their excitement over the prospect of a valentine’s baby.
I was in pain and wanted them all to choke on their heart shaped chocolates.

The next day when Luke decided to make his screaming entrance into the world, I finally saw what love was.

It was toiling and sacrificing and pain. It was doing all of these things without a thought for yourself. It was looking into a newborns eyes and seeing heaven and the purity from wherever they had been before, waiting for you to love them,  and knowing that you would gladly do all of the toiling and sacrificing and pain over and over just to have them, just so that you could love them.

It was looking at cabbage and seeing the same love in his eyes, and the wonder that he could love something so, even though it did not grow inside him. It was looking at each other and knowing that we knew nothing of anything together.

Like this. Excuse the photo… but I had to edit the vagina out of it.

Love is scary, Love is blind, love hurts, and love is painful, exhilarating and exhausting.
How fucking sad that we only reserve one shitty, pink and red heart shaped day for it and make it exclusive for those who conform to the heterosexual agenda.

It is not for rubbing in the faces of others, it’s not for boasting, love is not about screaming it as loud as you can so that everyone else knows it. It is not for making others feel less loved or lonely. It’s not for one day and should never be a source of profit or superiority.

How is it that we can go so ridiculously over the top in the name of love, and celebrate a day exclusively for it? How is it that we can spend millions on pink white and red stuffed toys, flowers and chocolates yet we don’t respect love enough to allow gay marriage?

Love is not exclusive. It’s for those whose spouses earn more, or have more time, or not for those who have no spouse or exclusively for straight people, or only for Feb 14.
Valentine’s Day is just a huge wank all over love, it is self-gratifying and empty. Gag, it makes me physically ill.

Happy Valentine’s Day Boycott.

Emma xxx

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