Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The most romantic thing, cabbage has ever done. Ever.

Last week, I decided to take an impromptu weekend getaway, inspired by a hot date I had earlier in the week, with fellow blogger, Tina. I love catching up with fellow bloggers outside of the blog world, for no reason at all, just to chat. There is something wonderful about being able to talk about blogs with friends who know exactly what you are talking about, also our husbands have formed quite the bromance, it really is a beautiful thing.

On the day of the date, the weather was glorious, the sun was shining, the temperature sat around 34 degrees which for all of you Fahrenheit-ers is a steady 93.2.
The drive to the date involved a coastline view and was fabulous.  Well as fabulous as a ride in our car gets, as our car is best described as...... economical.

Which basically means that we don't owe any money on it, therefore, its perfectly affordable. It also means that we have to forego modern luxuries such as a radio that is not attached to a tape player, yes a TAPE player, an A/C that cools the car without putting too much strain on the engine, and a lining that sticks properly to the ceiling of the car.

So, sweating like a who-ah in church, staring longingly at beach with the windows down ah- la 80's, I looked enviously at the people frolicking in the water, and fishing with their children.
I turned to cabbage and announced that we were going away for the weekend, somewhere near the beach, and he replied.. "Cool" so it was decided.

As soon as I got home I checked the financial situation, and was slightly disheartened.. But after checking out a few places, I decided a beach weekend away was completely do-able if we stuck to Motels or caravan parks. So within ten minutes I had booked our weekend getaway, I had everything covered... It was close to the beach, close to restaurants, had safe fishing spots for the kids; I was a weekend holiday planning ninja... Except that I failed to check the weekend weather report... Which was predicting not the fabulous 34 degrees I had envisioned, but high winds, cold temperatures and frequent storms/rain.

Never one to admit that I may have acted a little rashly when booking our weekend getaway, I refused to let the prediction of bad weather ruin our weekend of frolicking on the beach and fishing with the children.

We fished, in the wind... The children swam in the freezing temperatures, we took long walks on the beach with the wind eroding the sand banks and the sand giving our legs a sandblasting exfoliation as we strolled, we ate out and played UNO.

It also brought about the most romantic gesture from my husband that I had ever seen, even trumping his proposal... Which isn't really that hard if I am completely honest.. Because he proposed to me, on blended knee... Naked.
There is nothing like the sight of a naked man on blended knee, balls scraping the carpet, to get a gal to say yes.. But that post is for another day.

His far more romantic gesture began when I was helping Ryan cast in his fishing line. On my wrist was one of my most prized possessions.. A soup can bracelet, hand made by Ed Sheeran's mum (also a post for another day)

I baited up Ryan's hook, patiently explained to him the casting method, and flung his rod high over my shoulder.
I watched the line travel into the water, followed by a satisfying plonk... And then another far more frightening plonk.
I looked down on my wrist to discover.. No soup can bracelet. Not one to panic.. I wailed and collapsed on the ground. My bracelet was forever lost in the murky depths of Lake Illawarra. All was lost and hopeless.

Cabbage wandered over to check on the cause of my distress and after explaining to him what happened, he infuriated me further by asking incessant questions like, "which direction did it go?" and "how far in did it land?"
I explained to him that I had no fucking idea and it was gone forever.

Busying myself with fishing and pouring a large glass of wine I accepted the fact that I would never again feel like I was wearing Warhol around my wrist... It was then I looked up to see Cabbage wading into Lake Illawarra... Jeans rolled up, shoes off, scrambling over oyster infested rocks and sea grasses that could have hidden a multitude of creatures, when not TWO FUCKING MINUTES later..

Success. Seriously.... What are the chances?!?!!!!

Words do not describe how much I love this man.

Thank you cabbage.

In other news, thank you to all that entered the Sony giveaway, picking a winner was difficult for cabbage, as you all put so much time into your answers and they all did amuse us to no end, however I only had one prize pack to give away.. So a huge congratulations to Veggie Gal, who is the winner, with the answer:

Veggie Gal  
The Cyber-shot would win cause you can take pics of the record you are hearing, throw your hands in the air, start screaming. I say Ed, you say Sheeran!!

Please email me at I won shit at emmasbrain @hilarious.com to claim your prizes.

Emma xx

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