Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Guess What?

I have a little announcement to make.. So pipe down.
This happened recently.

Writing and maintaining a blog, takes a huge investment of many things, and although it is a labour of love, I won't pretend that I am not a little bit chuffed about being nominated, and am deeply grateful to whoever took the time to nominate this blog. (Even if it was probably my mum)
I would like to pretend that I don't care about winning this award, because that would help me to appear far cooler than I actually am, but the truth is that I do.

Not only would I get to do some very much needed writing courses from the Australian Writers Centre, but the winner gets to meet with the Managing Director of Random House, so needless to say I would like to give it my best crack, and I would very much appreciate your vote if you do read and enjoy this blog and you are so inclined.
(See?!?!... I used three and's in one sentence, SEE how much I need these courses?!?)

I have some VERY stiff competition this year, stiffer than a honeymooners handle, and I will need every vote I can get.
It will only take a minute, I checked, by voting for myself.

I will accept sympathy votes, mandatory family votes; you have to vote for me because we are friends votes, genuine votes and votes just so that I will shut up about getting votes.
I will need them all.

You can vote by clicking on this link, and finding my blog, which is located under E for Emmasbrainblogs.

You can vote for multiple blogs, but you can only vote in the survey once. Please remember to click "Finish" at the end or your vote won't count, and voting closes 30th of April.

I will be your best friend.

Emma. Xx

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