Monday, August 5, 2013

Hi! My name is...

What? My name is, who? My name is....Emma. I am 32, I am a white, privileged middle class asshole. I haven't blogged for a while, for a myriad of reasons, all of which are considered uncool to explain, but as I have never been cool, I wont miss it. One of the reasons is that I haven't really had a whole lot I want  to share with anyone. I kind of feel an uneasy compulsion to give all the time right now to being with my family, especially my little one, who is about to start big school, which will bring some gigantic, confronting, scary, hard and wonderful changes.

I have had a little one at home for the best part of fifteen years, and to be frank, it is an adjustment I am going to need to be well prepared for.
Look at me, looking after myself and shit...Go Me! Also... my sexual preference is men.

I just thought I'd better put that out there, regardless of how irrelevant it is. Did you care?

Do you need to know that I hunker for peen when I am satisfying my sexual appetite? That I find the image of Channing Tatum dropping it like its hot to Pony is burned into my cornea, only to emerge at inappropriate times?

Would you feel like it was more of your business if I were attracted to women? Should I perhaps, take an ad out? Or should I ring my *agent and send out a press release, declaring my sexual preference?

I really don't think my sexual preference is newsworthy, and I also don't actually have an *agent, but if I did it seems that the media would only buy my sexual preference declaration if I were gay.

Because that's clearly far more relevant and newsworthy.. So news worthy in fact, that they could blur up my face, like they do on the news, when someone has not yet been found guilty of a crime, or when sims take a shower our use the toilet.
The media could then flood my social media feeds with this blurred image and only when you clicked on my image could you see who I was?

This happened today, to me, in my Facebook feed, and no, I'm not linking to the particular story, firstly, because in all honesty, I really don't want to single out this publication, because its one of the few left that I still read, and they are certainly not the only guilty party. If you must, just google, who came out, no wait.. Don't.. Because, REALLY?!?! How in all fuck does anyone still think this kind of click bait, and lets not pretend it isn't click bait, should be tolerated.

Why are we not allowed in this great land to know the identity of child sexual offenders, or their proximity to our children, and yet we are allowed to exploit someone's sexuality and prey on bigoted curiosity in order to rank better in a google search?


It seems that for all the so called tolerance, that is so politically correctly shoved in my retina, the Australian media still don't get it.
It's only newsworthy, because news is still making it an issue.

Someone's sexual preference, regardless of whether they are gay, straight, transgender, or Bi curious George, can no longer be news, it has to be irrelevant and the use of it as news or even light gossip is the biggest leap backward in Australian equality since Dunk jack hammered the rainbow crossing.

You can't control what the media print, unless you are Murdoch...and even he is having a hard time doing that from the snug velvety confines of Abbotts asshole, but you do have the power not to click, or better yet, without clicking, leave a polite comment with your feedback that this particular type of article, is something you would rather not read, because its cant be news anymore.

Turns out, I found something I want to share, and I missed you.

Emma xx

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