Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Political Lyrical.

I am so disgustingly over this election. I am embarrassed, and disheartened. I feel like we are damned if we do, damned if we don't. I barely comprehend it, any of it, WHY does everything have to be so complicated?
I don't believe in donkey voting, this shit is important.. I would however, like someone else to vote for.. ANYONE else to vote for.

Meanwhile, I was asked recently, what I planned on doing for... wait for it... a REAL JOB, when Andie goes to school and I'm done blogging.
Because neither apparrantly, are classified as real gainful emloyment.
when I swallowed the urge to hurl a chair fist at this persons face, I explained that blogging was really no different to being a rapper, just with better grammar, and far less rhythmic coordination and musical ability. 
Rappers are writers, first and foremost, right?
NO ONE dares to tell rappers to get a real job, on account of all the popping caps and shit. So, anyway, long story short, thanks to my big mouth, I was dared to make a rap.

Now, those who know me. (like really know me), know that you must NEVER dare me to do anything, because I'll do it. Its a maturity thing. I'm sure I will grow out of it.

I present to you, My case in point, that bloggers are just rappers with better grammar, with the following Political Lyrical, which pretty much sums up my whole understanding of the current election.

One day I will really regret embarrassing myself on the internet. But today is not that day.


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