Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lady Pages, Bloggers are not the enemy.

So an article from a leading tabloid paper on Monday was brought to my attention, regarding women who both blog and happen to be mothers, Mama Mia, David Koch, Samantha Armytage and “Stripper-gate”.

I already gave my opinion on Stripper-gate  HERE.

 I am not linking to this article, or even naming the paper, because I assume that is what they want, and *Rolls eyes. 
I refuse to use my -‘Over stated influence’- For the benefit of your website traffic.

I do however, want to say this.
Angering up the blood of bloggers who happen to be mothers, to gain web traffic is not a new concept. 

This article aside, I am REALLY beginning to take exception, to the fact that because I spend time on social media; I am increasingly being labelled a bored housewife with nothing better to do.

I do spend most of my days in the home, I write novels, blogs and articles. I edit documentary footage, I keep books for my husband’s company and I attend to the various sundries required to raise children and run a home.

I admit, that sometimes these tasks are boring, sometimes they are monotonous, sometimes I find being at home REALLY socially isolating and can make you feel a bit lonely, sometimes I spend so many hours in front of a computer screen, that my eyes ache and my neck hurts. During those hours I spend in front of a computer screen, I do check my various social media. I check them often. I have the screens open in the background while I write, or make up invoices, or do the banking, send emails and check the weekly school calendar.

Having my social media pages open makes me feel less socially isolated. It can mean that I take a regular break from the task I am completing. Anyone who has spent any time working from home will know that without the structure of a typical work environment, this can be difficult.

I work hard on my blog and everything else I write.  I use social media a lot with my writing. I use it to map trends, I use it to opinion poll, I have used it to get reader feedback on current content, I use it to ask questions and gain knowledge and support from my online community.

I use social media to get ideas for new content, I use it to get to know the people that read my writing, I use it to ask readers what they like in a particular scene for my novel, I use it to promote my blog, I use it to share my opinion and I use it to speak with people.

It means that I can keep up friendships with people I have known since primary school. It helps me keep up with family and friends and organise social gatherings. It means that I can have stimulating adult conversation during the day.

I use it to research new products and ask people I trust for genuine reviews and opinion on the products I buy, as I, like many, have lost faith and trust in traditional advertising.

I use social media to keep up with news and current affairs and stay informed, and sometimes, I JUST WANT TO WATCH A CAT DO SOMETHING FUNNY!! Sometimes I’m having a bad day and I need a smile, sometimes I am having a great day and I want to share.

In summary, I use social media for what it was invented for. I use it a lot and I use it well, stop trying to make me feel inadequate because of it. It's getting old.

 I think that there are many leading media that would pay to use social media as well as the blogging community do. Traditional media have mostly lost the trust of their readers with phone tapping scandals, alliances and agenda’s.
We know this because we ARE your readers, and the fact that I am increasingly seeing articles about bored housewives on social media, means that traditional media are indeed, losing touch. I wonder why they don't stop being bitter about it, and just learn with us, from us. Engage with us! We are not the enemy.

We are a community of people, with loyal readerships, large and small, because we work hard and we do spend time on social media, engaging and learning. Not because we are bored with bad attitudes and nothing better to do. We are not perfect by any means, but we have merely invented for ourselves what is lacking in most traditional media. Honest, relevant content that is engaged, with no agenda.

We get pretty tired of being lumped in with the large websites like Mama Mia. We are not one and the same, and if the writers of these articles spent ANY time researching, this is pretty obvious. I believe that the time spent writing bitter, ill informed and inflammatory articles about the blogging community and attempting to make women and mothers feel inferior, for the benefit of web traffic would be better spent engaging and building their own community, for the benefit of their web traffic. Hell!! If they did it well, I might just join!! 

That's pretty much all I have to say about that.

Blogging for 30 days.


MadamBipolar said...

Well said.
Why does News Ltd hate bloggers so much? Threatened?

Emmas Brain said...

Perhaps this is why. I can't understand though, why they wouldn't just spend less time attacking and more time engaging like we do?? It does my head in!!! Xx

Donna Harrison said...

Maybe they needed to fill a space because ANOTHER advertiser cancelled....

TeganMC said...

I hate how the term 'mummy blogger' has turned into an insult because of traditional media. I hate that posts like this one even have to be written (it's great btw) because we feel the need to explain why we are doing what we're doing. Often though we are just preaching to the choir. People read our blogs because they like us, they like our voice and they like our content. Saying that we are nothing more than bored housewives is insulting to our readers. It insinuates that they are stupid for reading us, that they would be better off reading 'real' articles. When it comes down to it, the thing they are probably most bitter about is that we can take their articles, put our own spin on it and are better able to reach our readers because of the trust we have built. We're not just a tag line in a major newspaper, easily forgotten. We have our own websites, often running them at a loss but our readers remember us, our name and how our words made them feel.

Sydney85 said...

But look at the crap Mamamia posts... Mia Freedman doesn't give bloggers the best name. She is a tabloid at best.

Emmas Brain said...

I immediately and ahhh'd about writing this post because I didn't want to attract anymore attention to the article than necessary, but I agree that articles like that are insulting to our readers x

Emmas Brain said...

I tend to agree with you here, I am unlikely to read Mama Mia since most of the articles have turned to inflammatory click bait type articles, but "Mum" bloggers and Mama Mia are two totally different things. Mama Mia is a large community website, bloggers are not. We often get lumped in the same basket and that is what annoys me I guess. :) Thanks for stopping by.

Wanderlust said...

I don't know why the media in Australia slams bloggers so hard. You don't see that over here. I'm trying to understand what drives that.

Lisa Lintern said...

I think it reflects the drama-driven sensational and generally poor quality media we have here...

Lisa Lintern said...

Well said Emma. Well said.

mumabuloue said...

I am a bored housewife who blogs. I fully own that. However I wasn't bored enough to weigh in on the Stripper-gate debacle.

Emmas Brain said...

HA! I don't think there ANY of us that were.

jheni mor said...

I think the vast majority of the noise over "blogging" is in part due to the fact that with blogging the writer is disinhibited so to speak, and not restrained by censoring,or expected to hold certain opiinions. A blog is purely someones inner thoughts and feelings and this in turn, due to the honesty and the real-life aspect of it- is probably what atracts readers- who are otherwise bored of the repetative, gossipy, unconfirmed reports that are really just gossip pieces convered up iunder 'official' newspaper headlines. And readers are aware now that the information they recieve is tainted. So yes- the thinking world has gone in search of new information and inspiration and they are shaking in their boots..

Well. You know what? If they dont likw like it- they can feel free to go " blog " themselves xx