Friday, January 24, 2014

So, so much offended, in the internet this week..

Oh BOY!! What an offensive week the internet has had…

Can I ask you? Are you offended by this T shirt?

Are you AS outraged, that Indigenous Australians STILL have the lowest levels of education, highest rates of unemployment, poorest health, and highest infant mortality rate of all Australians, as you are about the fact that Aldi sold a T shirt?

Does David Koch offend you as much as click bait articles that are meant to anger the blood and get everybody in a frenzy so that EVERYBODY clicks to see what the massive fight is about?

Are you offended that it works?

Are you offended that I am doing a wrap up post for the week?

Do you find the fact that my blog refuses to load more than one picture this morning, Offensive?

Are you offended that I read a romance novel to research a sex scene? .. (No, wait..Seriously, one person was REALLY offended.. they left a comment and everything.. O_O)

Did you find it offensive that this guy’s idol told him to Fuck off?

Does the word Fannie offend you?

Are you offended that I am offended by ginger shaming?

Are you offended that it is my birthday tomorrow? Are you offended that I ALWAYS get a public holiday, the day after my birthday? Are you further offended that I will leave my children with their Nanna so that I can drink G&T with my girls?!

& Finally..

Are you offended that I am linking up for a 30 day blog challenge with Melodramatic Me?

Have a fantastic, offensive free, long weekend.


Sharyn Oswald said...

You're funny Em !

Janine said...

Happy birthday lovely & yes I am offended that you get a public holiday every year after your birthday,I thought everyone had to go to work completely hungover from a fabulous night of g & t's with girls after their birthday or is that just me? x

Emmas Brain said...

Thanks babe, and I agree, it's completely unfair that I get a public holiday, but.. that's the way I roll. ;) xx

Emmas Brain said...

Thanks Sharyn, Miss you guys xx

Lisa Lintern said...

I am offended that you beat me to blog today. Who's idea was this 30-day friggin' blogging thing anyway... :)

bodyandfeetretreat said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow - YAY for Nanna's so you can go and drink G&T with your girls !!
Have the best birthday ever - and then a great Australia Day !!!!

river said...

Not much offends me, I am outraged about the Indigenous Australians STILL being thought of and treated as lesser citizens though. For heaven's sake! They're people, just like you and me.
Happy Birthday tomorrow.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Happy Birthday biatch.

Did that offend you?


Artful Dodger said...

Shit I hope its not windy outside at the moment. Talk about tickets on oneself. Offended because you read a book? Omg call the reading police. No its your narrow minded thoughtless comment about a single parent looking for love "I began book two, only to find much of the same only this chick had a kid, and I thought... That’s not cool, you don’t bring kids into your fucked up romantic problems" hmmm I think that would be better than bringing kids in to your fucked up sarcastic head space. There are only so many times you can expect people to sit back and put up with the fucked up insults that can only come from someone with an education from picton high school before someone is going to insult you back. You sure can dish criticism out but cant be served it. Maybe your world wouldn't be so miserable if you stopped being so negative all the time. May your day be filled with sunshine and lollipops. Mine will be, but then life is what you make it isnt it?

Emmas Brain said...

Oh, Art! Thanks again for the clicks.
I am really sorry that you feel that I am so miserable that you must create a new email address, to comment on a blog you clearly dislike just to tell me so.
I do agree however that I have a few tickets on myself, but in my defence, it's much harder to be miserable when I like myself!
Due to geographical convenience and economical reasons, I did indeed, get my education from Picton High School. (Note my use of capital letters when spelling it, as when referring to a particular high school, it begins with a capital, but when referring to high school, ie; I'd rather be back in high school, than make a grammatical error when I comment on blogs I dislike, using wifi spots in a hotel in North Sydney last weekend, then again today from Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne, while I make a point out of someone elses education standard. Then lower case is used) But hey!! Life is indeed what you make it Art!
Have a herpes free day, and again, sincerley, thanks for stopping by!

Emmas Brain said...

Never. Thank you beautiful. X

Emmas Brain said...

Thank you River! Mwah!

Emmas Brain said...

YAAAAY FOR NANNA!!! Thank you x

Emmas Brain said...


Miss Pink said...

I am outraged!
I mean where the fuck is the public holiday for MY birthday!