Monday, January 13, 2014

Stuff I wish I had read, before I started blogging.

The internet is a tough playground to play in. It’s a fabulous playground, don’t get me wrong.

No longer are we bound to making friendships and support systems based on geographical and circumstantial convenience. The internet means that you are able to find like-minded relationships, with like-minded people everywhere, at any time. 

It’s also a fabulous opinion sharing platform. Never have we been so aware of the opinions, morals and inner working of the minds of others. Opinion polling has never been so easy.

But we as people are judgmental by nature, we abide by a whole heap of social law. The consequence for breaking that law is ridicule, gossip and different degrees of shunning. These laws however, are largely unwritten, they are only ever implied, and as long as your actions are not causing harm or distress to another person, are decided by what makes the majority comfortable. Everyone judges based on their own stories too.  

Discomfort is where Judgment is born.

The internet has made stepping out from the majority relatively easy. Leaving the safety of the herd however, also makes you an easier target. The internet also means that the judgment of your actions is also, not limited to circumstantial and geographical convenience. The judgment of your actions, opinions and beliefs are not contained to a muttered whisper of diverted eye contact when you walk down the street. Such politeness is rarely observed on the internet and judgment is delivered unhindered by such social niceties as seeing ones reaction to it.

Celebrity culture have been aware of the dangers of exposing ones self to en-mass judgment since the beginning of celebrity culture. The common consensus is that it should be much easier to have stones thrown at you when you are being hit from such a pedestal, however I don’t believe that this is the case, there seems to be a common misconception that if one dares step away from the herd, then they should expect the hunter. Should they dare to draw attention to themselves whilst they are away from the herd, well then no one should weep then they are inevitably shot, that they somehow deserved it.

You can’t let the judgment of the masses that you are exposed to on the internet stop you from doing what you believe in, from creating, from doing what you love. Stepping out from the crowd should never make you a deserved target, but unless you start stepping, you will never know how far you can go. 

You will never know how big something will get when you are just thinking about it and not doing it.

Whilst you can’t surround yourself entirely with your like-minded on the internet, you can remind yourself of exactly how big it is. Put it in perspective, and remember that the small amount of judgment usually comes from people too afraid to do what you are doing.
 If the fact that you are doing it makes them uncomfortable, then make them uncomfortable my friends, just be comfortable enough where you are while you do it..

Hunger can drive hatred, but such is this life,
I guess jealousy's the curse that the struggle inspires.

~Hilltop Hoods

PS: I'm Linking up today with one of My favorite blogs of all time, Melodramatic Me. We are completing a 30 day blog challenge, That is a hell of a lot of blogging! But something I really need.
Check it out here.
Cheers xx

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Lisa Lintern said...

Mate, if this if your first of 30, I cannot wait to read the rest. Thought provoking stuff there. x

river said...

Good post,'s self? one is self? yes, I'm being picky, nit picky even, but such is my nature.
and pedal stool? pedestal perhaps?

yes, yes, I'm going away now....