Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Golden Fan-Nie

THIS POST, saw many of my peeps that read here, share their celebrity idol horror stories. I was saddened, angered and disgusted to hear a lot of them.

It also saw a lot of positive celebrity stories too. It restored my faith that the entire world was not turning to toilet.

THIS COMMENT inspired me.

I thought about all of the great idols there are, and in order to service the Karma Kombi, I made a Fan-Nie.

It seems that if you make an award in Australia, you have to give it a ridiculous name. *Cough, cough.. HACK! Oh look.. a Logie!

Meanwhile, the first ever Fan-Nie goes to Brian Lara, because he is clearly a Legend.

*Pause for applause.. Well done Brian.

My personal Fan-Nie award however, goes to….. *Drum Roll

Lance Hurdle.

*Crowd goes wild.

Lance Hurdle is a professional basketball player, he made his beginnings playing college basketball in Miami, and spent a season playing here, in our wonderful land of OZ for the Wollongong Hawks. The Hawks are my kids team.

They have season passes and go to almost every home game.  They sit and they Cheer, and they dance for dance cam and they yell DE-FENSE at the top of their little lungs.

Lance Hurdle was their favourite player last season. His career ended with the Hawks when he tore his ACL, and my children were devastated. Hawk or not, my children will forever be fans of Lance. This is why;

There are so many celebrities I try to prevent entering the direct line of sight of my children.. So, so many.. Not mentioning any names.
(KANYE! BAM!...Sorry, that one kind of just fell out on account of my rage.)

I can tell you that Lance deserved the respect and admiration of my children. He earned his hero status.

Lance spoke to my kids after EVERY game. He gave them advice and inspiration. He signed EVERYTHING they thrusted at him. He made the time for my kids, even when he really didn’t have it. He thanked my children for supporting him, humbly and sincerely. He pointed them out in the crowd and waved, making their little lives EVERY. TIME.

He sent them pictures on their birthdays and carried Andie around the court after home games, while he signed autographs, and she looked at him lovingly and said, “I love you Lance” every eight seconds. 

He even showed genuine interest in her Littlest pet shop collection, which believe me.. Is difficult, I've tried...

These days it can be hard to navigate the world of celebrity. The internet, trash magazines and reality television, mean that almost anyone can become a household name.  I can say however. that I am more than happy for my children to look up to Lance, and for him to be their aspiration.

Golden Fan-nie To Lance.

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I have heaps of Fan-Nie to go around!! Do you have a hero story that is worthy of a Fan-Nie? 

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