Friday, February 7, 2014

30 days, We DID it!!

AND I MADE IT!! Or I should say WE made it!! YAYYY LISA!!

The thirty day blog challenge has come to an end. I cheated slightly, because I didn’t blog on the weekends. I write sex scenes on the weekends and I don’t like to confuse the writing styles.. That could get awkward quickly.

I am going to end the thirty day blog challenge with something I wasn’t going to publish at all. I wrote it, stared at it, hated it, re read it, kind of liked it, read it again, gave it the forks and left it, but I clearly didn’t hate it enough to delete it from the drafts folder.

This blogging game can be very hit and miss, but I write so much better when I just write and hit publish instead of over thinking every little detail, so to celebrate the end of this blogging every (Week) day for thirty days, I am just going to hit publish on this one and send it off into the interwebs without a second thought or guess or hover over the publish button.
Beacause that is what I learned in doing this whole challenge.

Here it is.
Don't judge me, but....

Sometimes I feel like everyone just needs to calm down and stop being so judgmental. Everyone has a story as to why they are the way they are. No one was born a jerk, you know what I mean?

I have the most bizarre friends, from all over the shop. Different lifestyles, different personalities, weird and wonderful people I have met along my journey.

Sometimes it makes social gatherings difficult, because you are mixing very different people in a generally small environment, with often the only common ground being that they are your friend. But most of the time it just makes shit interesting.

I’m gonna get weird here for a second OK? So bear with me…
I have this friend.. I have known this person for eons, and I don’t even know what eons are, nor can I be bothered to google it, such is my disinterest in finding out, but I have known this person since primary school.

He practices a much respected profession, has a lovely wife, beautiful family, above average intelligence, lots of friends and a charitable nature.

He has also seen a creature he can only describe, as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Yowie, Yeren, or Wildman.

He does not freely recount his sighting to many people for a few reasons.
 The main reason being that before he saw this creature himself, whatever it was, he was an avid non believer in Sasquatch. He did not think it very likely that such a large and unusual creature could exist undetected in our current environment. He admitted that he previously thought people who claimed to see Bigfoot were probably some sort of attention deprived and lonely type person who in his opinion should seek the council of someone qualified to deal with those kinds of problems.

He doesn't want such a negative association.

At one point, Mountain gorillas, giant squid, the Komodo dragon and okapi were considered Cryptid or mythical.

Despite existing in folk law for centuries, and reported sightings of this creature in the thousands, the giant squid existence was only officially recognised in 2004.

Bigfoot sightings have been claimed by hundreds of thousands of people, even if a quarter of all of these reported sightings are credible, that is a hell of lot of crazy people walking around claiming to have seen this creature. 

A Bigfoot type creature exists in almost all native culture, and ancient folk law. The Aborigine's have many stories that depict a bigfoot like creature, and often recounted tales of a hairy man to white settlers. A hairy, man like creature, whom was cannibalistic and territorial, a creature that should be both feared and respected.

Many other native cultures describe a large hair covered, man like creature, who is passive and elusive.

So far, the only country to even remotely recognise the possible existence of Bigfoot is China, who’s Sasquatch like creatures are called Yeren, and the government erects official signs around areas that have had many Yeren sightings.

I don’t know if Bigfoot exists.

 I do know that I was recounted a story of a suspected sighting by someone who’s word I trust and have never before questioned.. I heard this recount with my own ears, I saw and heard what I would describe as very real fear, disbelief and confusion as he shared this experience with me.

I can’t help but feel like the discovery of Bigfoot would have a massive impact on all species. No longer would we as humans be the only species with the use of intelligent language, perhaps a language more easily understood than the currently known primates, a species that are capable of effectively using tools, which live self-sufficiently in their environment, and most remarkably, have the intelligence to remain relatively undetected on our planet for centuries. I wonder what this discovery would mean for all of the world’s creatures, and for our place on the intelligence food chain?

The government defying hippy in me can’t help but wonder if this is possibly a reason for the creature’s lack of detection and propagated hysteria around those who have claimed to have seen it?
I wonder if we would be able to continue to cull sharks and hunt whales and rape our plants species to extinction the way we do if our entire species pecking order was shaken.

My youngest Son recently asked me if I thought Bigfoot was real. I told him that I hoped so, because I want him, to hope so.
I have started asking this question at the end of every interview I do. I ask, 'do you believe in bigfoot?', followed by 'On a scale of one to five Martha's" How hard was this interview?'

So far the results are about 30/70 in favor of bigfoot not existing, and no one has given the interview higher than a 2 on the Martha scale.

That's pretty much all I want to say about this.

Number 30!!!!! Of 30 days blogging, with

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