Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's only Wednesday.

Warning. This post is rated W for Whinge,
It may contain Eye rolling, first world problems and sarcasm.
Please read this post in a whiny and sarcastic tone.

Is it just me, or has this week been dragging on a bit? Its like sitting through a movie marathon that only plays 'How to make an American quilt' over, and over

I have hit the midterm slump. I think it is because I crammed my week days with stuff to do so that I dont get bored. I have a profound need to never be bored, I hate being restless, and I dont particularly like having too much time to think.

This is probably why I have so many hobbies. I drive Cabbage mad with my need to be doing a thousand things at once. Like I cant just watch TV, I have to watch TV while I am doing something else. Like crochet, or sometimes I watch TV and add my own ambient mood music to it, by playing the guitar over the top.

I can see how that can get really annoying.

Cabbage is disgustingly patient with me, like, he would never say, Seriously, shut the fuck up, CSI is on.. He just gives me subtle sideways glances and turns the TV up.

This is why the T.V is always about three dots too loud. I get home from the school run and I cant figure out what is giving me the shits, and then I realise that the TV is collapsing the tiny hairs in my ears, and I turn it off in disgust.

Do you ever do that? Get pissed off for no reason, then realise the TV is too loud, so you turn it off and the relief is instant, and it feels like you have walked into a wellness centre in Thailand and then Woman’sDay accuses you of having an ice addiction?

Poor Grant Denyer!!! How seriously, fucked was that? & we wonder why Media boardrooms around the country are wringing their hands in dismay and figuring out how they can make everything the fault of Blogger outrage

*Shakes head condescendingly in the general direction of Womans day.

Meanwhile, the book is so close to being finished that I cant even look at it. I contemplated killing off one of the characters for a bit, you know, go all George RR Martin on everyones ass.

I decided against it because I need to learn when to just be done.
Its so done.
I am so over it

Anyway, I am off. I have a School assembly to attend.

For the love of Adam Levine.. HOW is it only WEDNESDAY?!?

. xx

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mumabulous said...

I cant handle the TV being on when nobody is watching it or the TV and the radio being on simultaneously. Whilst being no great fan of Grant Denyer ( I've got nothing against him either - meh) we cant have a society where the Woman's Day goes around publishing absolute cock and bull stories about people.