Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Night terror

Gah, I’m so tired. The middle kid is having another bout of night terror’s. It’s awful for him. The other night I found him, at 2:30am, sitting by an upturned Lego box, frantically building an elaborate contraption to escape in. It was an impressive construction, considering he built it while he was asleep. My heart breaks for him.

His mind, like mine never stops. Poor little bugger. Sometimes it sucks to be us, the thinkers. I think part of it is hereditary, my brother, father and sister still experience night terror’s.

He has no memory of these terrors when he wakes, but whatever is going on in that little mind of his looks terrifying. The other night, he was huddled at the edge of his bed crying. I went to check him and he looked through me, like I wasn’t even there. I spoke softly to him, trying to get him to lay down. I said, “I’m just here mate, lie down” He looked right in my eye his tiny pupils were pin pricks and he whispered, “But what’s that behind you” before he peered terrified, past me, over my shoulder to the door way behind..

There is of course, nothing there, he is just stuck in between asleep and awake, but GEEZ KID!!! CREEP-O.

One night I found him opening the back door, so once he starts, I find it very difficult to sleep. Even when he settles, and even though all the doors are locked and I now keep the keys next to the bed. I am terrified he will actually escape from whatever he is trying to escape from. School the following day is out of the question, he is so exhausted for running, kicking out, crying and fighting things he has no memory of all night.

We have had him to the doctor whose advice was to limit his stimulation before bed and to start a multi vitamin. If it lasts any longer than eight consecutive days, then we begin sedation for three. It’s a normal childhood ailment, like wetting the bed or sucking thumbs. Some kids have them, some kids don’t. He will most likely grow out of it.

A friend of mine whose boy also suffers night terror’s suggested waking him each night just as he falls asleep and let him settle again. I don’t know why, but this seems to work.

This is about as many sentences as I can string together right now..

Have you survived night terrors internet? Any advice?


Miriam said...

No advice for night terrors, I'm trying to work out my own 3 yo's semi waking state of crying throughout the night. But I can offer you understanding and my thoughts are with you. Being a parent is so bloody hard! The worry, the sleepless nights, then having to hold it all together for work the next day! Take care of yourself and grab shut eye whenever you can xx

river said...

"He will most likely grow out of it.'
That doesn't seem likely seeing your brother, father and sister still suffer.
I have no advice, since no one in my family has ever had these, we're all sound sleepers, but if what your friend suggests is working, then I'd continue with that. It's possible that many nights of unbroken sleep could eventually see the end of the night terrors.
Could you keep a diary of his daily activities and see if there is any one thing that happens during the day, on a night when the terrors happen?

Peace Junior said...

My thought goes to him. I was feeling terribly tired shortly after college. It was so bad I had palpitation and I couldn't focus, my doctor thought anemia then depression. I was so tired I was getting really depressed ( because COLLEGE and I have no clue what is wrong and I'm not Depressed! Annoyed, tired but not depressed). One-day we had a sleepover and girl the sympathy in my friends face : someone was trying to kill you? Hehe.
One was smart enough link my tiredness to poor sleep and for a month I spent each night with a friend ( who I forced to volunteer) to wake me up when I wake them up screaming or kicking! Ate healthy, daily aerobics and yoga, no caffeine no extra sugar, no TV/phone after 7pm and I was good to go.
Mom said I had night terrors as a child. Truth be told I remember having nightmares and some of them are still very vivid!
Did they affect my life? Except for a couple of months in college, no. Thankfully!