Monday, March 3, 2014

It's all about the saving.

This weekend Was spent rummaging through various household storage locations, hunting for the elusive school jackets. The middle child already had his, I found that one first, scrunched up in the bottom of his wardrobe underneath a large Star Wars bag that contained his long discarded wrestler collection.

After displaying his delight over the discovery of his long discarded wrestling collection with a squeal of; 
"I have been looking for these!! I LOVE THESE!!" 

Which is child for; 
'Man, I forgot I had these, because I have way too much stuff, but I  haven't seen them for a while, I will now proceed to spread them from asshole to breakfast'

I found myself still searching for the old school jacket. The one the middle child wore in kindergarten, so that I could up-cycle it and use it for the newest kindergartener, because up-cycling is so fucking hot right now, and it will save me fifty bucks and eighty minutes I will never get back standing in the uniform ordering line.

Now, I am usually pretty organised with seasonal clothing, meaning that I hoard things in giant garbage bags and stack them into various cupboards like Tetris, but there is 4 years between the middle and the youngest child, so I was now searching through four years worth of linen cupboard hoarding.

Various system hooks, an Ikea light bulb that fits a lamp the cat broke two years ago, and vacuum cleaner pieces in a better homes and gardens show bag from the 2006 Easter show anyone?

I cursed myself for not labelling the bags, because I ALWAYS assume that I will remember that the purple garbage bag at the very back is spring storage from 2010, only I NEVER do, and now my hall and half the lounge room was littered with garbage bags that I had ripped a gaping hole in the side of to have a quick assessment of their innards, because untying the top? Ain't no one got time fo dat.

I had reached the part of any great household task, in which I was very sorry I had started. There was crap everywhere, my eyes were itchy from back of the linen cupboard dust and I wanted a coffee and to lay on the lounge watching Breaking Amish LA, eating shortbread.

There was only one thing for it.

I would just have to go and buy a better organising system. Those clear plastic bags that you suck all the air out of, as well as some baskets or some shit.

So off I went, and two hours and $110 bucks later, I returned to begin my massive organisation re-organisation, you know.. So that I could save $50 and eighty minutes standing in the uniform order line.

I found the jacket by the way.

Happy Monday.


Not for you said...

Just spent 5 minutes studying the etymology of "from arsehole to breakfast". Thanks.

I use it often but most (dumb) people don't know what I mean.

Emmas Brain said...

I just spent 38 seconds googling what etymology means, & now I know. Thank you for teaching me things Brad! :D

Ash Kaye said...

I have one bag in my linen cupboard that is now entirely made of packing tape. I have torn and taped up so many holes in it that the only original part of the bag remaining is the knot at the top. What's in the bag? Goodness bloody knows but it's never what I'm looking for!

Emmas Brain said...

Hahaha! I love this!! I also now want to know what is in that bag...

Pinky Poinker said...

With 4 sons and a lot of hand-me-downing I can completely appreciate this post Em!

Teegz said...

I use the bin bag "organising system" as well, though mine is primarily for crap that I've decided needs to go to the op-shop. So basically we have cupboards full of shit bagged up that we don't even need or want that I have to tear open and hunt through because I forgot it was even there!
My kids decided to look for something a few weeks ago so tore open EVERY. FUCKING. BAG and realised that I had taken away toys that they never used or even remembered they had, but that were now as precious as Gollum's ring to them. So once again my house is filled with singing Dora dolls (kill me now!), $2 shop fake my little pony's and Maccas happy meal rubbish... and torn bin bags drifting past like tumbleweeds!