Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Over thinking is not your friend.

As a blogger, you are somewhat making your opinion your product. The way you deliver that opinion is what will determine your success or failure, but your opinion is where your content comes from.

I will (all be it very occasionally) get an email asking for an opinion on something. The email will inevitably end with something like, “Do you feel you are qualified to give an opinion on this?”

Now, because I am a child of the eighties, my first instinct is to answer with the following...

Well… I attended Julliard, I am a graduate of Harvard business school, I travelled quite extensively, I lived through the black plague and I had a pretty good time during that, I’ve seen the exorcist about A HUNDRED AND SIXTY SEVEN TIMES… AND IT KEEPS GETTING FUNNIER.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I SEE IT! NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT YOU'RE TALKIN' TO A DEAD GUY…SO WHAT DO YOU THINK??!
Do you think I’m qualified?

*Heavy breathing.
This face.

Only I don’t, because I am working hard at trying to be professional about shit, I also almost always feel unqualified to give my opinion on anything. Man, that face of Willem's is my favorite thing in the land right now....

Meanwhile, I have been working with a mentor recently, about what it is that holds me back. I mean, I have a fantastic opportunity to create things for a living, this is ideal for me, because creating stuff is my bag.

I have a tonne of ideas, I have a whole bunch of stuff that I want to do and when asked why I haven’t done it yet, my standard response is ‘that it is not the right time just yet, or I am not ready yet’.
My mentor looked at me and asked why I felt that it wasn’t the right time, what was I waiting for?  You know, I really struggled to find an answer. I guess I am waiting to be more professional. I am waiting for the stats to reflect my expectations, I am waiting to have more time, and I am waiting to finish this or that…

My mentor looked me square in the clock, and said “While you are waiting, someone is doing. If you are going to wait until you have thought everything through in that mess of a mind of yours, then by the time you are ready, it will have already been done, you need to trust yourself,  because you aren’t waiting to be ready, you’re waiting to believe you can do it, you are waiting for you own permission”
I’m pretty sure that when those words were uttered, Oprah had some sort of light bulb blowing orgasm somewhere, because this person is right, and it is not just right for this particular circumstance, it is right for every circumstance.

I have so very desperately got to stop over thinking every little thing, when looking into this a little more; I have learned that there are a few key tools that you need to prevent overthinking.

I need to remember that over thinking, is rarely anyone’s friend. It’s not productive or useful to think about something, more than what is really needed. You will generally know the answer to your question within the first three seconds of asking it, everything after that is complicating the issue.

Things will go wrong, and things that do go wrong aren’t necessarily wrong, they are merely proof that a redirection is needed. (I think that sentence contained too many wrongs.., but I am not over thinking it, so fuck-et)

Thinking music is not just for cheesy game shows; it is about giving yourself set amount of time to think something through and making a decision at the end of the thinking time. This requires a great deal of trust in yourself, which brings me to the last point I am going to make about this before I shut up...

You need to have trust in yourself, you need to believe that you know yourself well enough to back whatever decision you make at the end of it. Even if in hindsight, you may not have made the best decision possible. If you trust yourself, you will always make the best decision that you can at the time, but if I’m waiting to pre think every possible thing that can go wrong before I begin, then someone will have already figured those things out by doing them, only that person, is already doing it, and probably.. almost finished, while I am waiting to make sure something is perfect first.

I’m smart enough to know nothing is perfect.

I am smart... (Enough)

I am enough.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about this without over thinking it.
Which I am not.

Wish me luck.
Em x

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Cara McKee said...

I love it. You've inspired me to get on with it. But I thought I'd just let you know that, before, you know, actually getting on with it.