Friday, April 4, 2014

Some of favourite places on the interwebs.

The recovery is going well, all be it slowly, and there is a chance that I will require further surgery, I will find out on Monday. Cross your fingers for me, because the affected area has now almost repaired to skin level, and yes, I use phrases like ‘ to skin level’ now, because I enjoy using correct medical terminology as it sounds much more attractive than, the massive hole in my arm pit is now less gaping.

The thought of having someone cut it all back open, makes me want to do a dramatic dance that involves hopping from one foot to another, squinting my eyes, hand flapping and fake gagging.
So to tip the scales in favour of not having any more surgery, I have been doing little else other than laying around in a slovenly fashion on the lounge, eating CC’s and then digging the crumbs out from my cleavage and watching Judge Judy.

I love Judge Judy, she reminds me so much of my mother. My mum can whip out a stern look of disappointment that could see Dr Phil pee a little in his sensibly priced pants. I have noticed myself giving this look more and more frequently of late, probably because I have had a great deal of time on my hands.

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Time that I have unproductively used to peruse the deepest pages of the internets and I have been whipping out stern sideways glances of steely judgment left right and centre.

I do however, have little energy to rant my opinions on these things, I must save my strength. So instead of my usual Friday rant, I will share with you a few of my favourite places to read on the internet.

A lot of the people who read here, are new to reading blogs, I hear that all the time. A lot of you don't really read other blogs, for which I am eternally grateful, because it feeds my over inflated sense of self importance, however! I am not greedy, and I feel I would be doing you all a great service to share with you some other places on the internet that I love.

As long as you come back... You had damn better come back, or else 'Steely sideways glance of dissapointment'

Truth be told,  the following people have been far more interesting than I recently, and I believe many of the people that read here will enjoy these places as much as I do.

SO! Check these out, in no particular order;

One of THE FUNNIEST blogs I read. Everything is about her, the end. The writer of this one can make me laugh, no matter what it the subject matter, and that my friends, is an art.  If you don’t actually laugh out loud when you read this blog, then you and I can no longer be friends.

Next stop, BIGWORDS. The writer of this place is so very talented, and she writes everywhere such is her talent. This place on the internets though, is brutally honest, amusing, sympathetic and relatable. You will love her as much as I do or your money back.

This one is ATT: My beautiful fellow hippies, of which there are many. The Veggie Mama, This one is for the vegetarians and lovers of humour, intelligence, craft and family. There is nothing I don’t love about the writer of this blog

For the lovers of style, you need to check out Kimba Likes, I love this space because it is bold, unique and the writer of this space is a lover of frivolity. My favourite!

Crafters!! You need to stop by Daisy Roo and Two. Recipes and crochet mixed with humour, honesty and chaos. The writer of this blog is unapologetically crafty while parenting twins and a kinder, and wait to you see the custom dolls... WAIT TILL YOU SEE THEM!!!

Danni Mezza is another place I visit frequently. Although primarily a plus sized fashion blog, the writer of this one has an incredible aura of feeling good in your own skin, and that my friends, is for everybody. The photographs are also, to die for. Have a squiz and see what you find.

Finally, So Now what? is undeniably one of my favourite blogs of all time. The writer of this blog is so ridiculously talented, and she never fails to make me laugh at least once a day. If you are a member of twitter, you will be doing yourself a huge favour by following the writer of this one. You can do so HERE.

Happy Friday people! have a fantastic weekend.


bigwords said...

OMG what a super sweet lovely wonderful surprise. Thanks so much for including me with these gorgeous people. I feel so grateful to be on your brilliant blog my love. Big kisses to you Emma and get well soon xx

Pinky Poinker said...

Magneto Bold IS HILARIOUS and very clever.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

love your face off. Or, in your case, your armpit.


Daisy said...

OK, so I was just googling myself - as you do, and saw this for the first time! You were one of the first "real" Aussie bloggers to ever comment on my blog - and by real I mean a blogger that I had met, or read - and that's when I realised this blogging thing was a community and not a bunch of entirely astract robots typing up streams of consciousness.
I think you're pretty awesome, is the short of it!