Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ed Sheeran, Multiply, Paddington Town Hall.

DISCLAIMER *this post was not paid or commissioned, however the tickets to Ed’s show were gifted by Frontier Touring. Having said that, I would have given out wristies in the car park of BI-LO to be at this gig and still would have written about it. (Sorry Dad, don’t read that bit please)

Who’s a fan girl?

That’s right Ed, I am.

I ventured out on a Tuesday night to line up with Media types and a bunch of fifteen year old radio competition winners, who were hysterically crying whenever someone said the words Ed Sheeran.
I took a date, this guy...

Because Ed was obviously busy; he had a gig to do.
I instructed cabbage that I loved him so very dearly, however if Ed Sheeran was to ask, then I had never seen him before, which sounds mean, but I would totally do the same for him if he ever saw Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Yes, Jennifer Love Hewitt is his free pass. *Snort HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Meanwhile, Cabbage looks right at home on the red carpet. Probably because he doesn’t overthink anything, I always look a little strained because I am trying to suck in my gunt and I naturally just look like a bitch. I promise I am not, but I look like one. Constantly.

I try to make an effort to look more approachable, but it looks forced. Like I may tie you up in my basement.
Check it out.. Crack a smile whore bag!

Speaking of tying people up in my basement, I sent Ed a quick tweet to prepare him and let him know that I was almost at his gig, you know… because my sense of self-importance knows no bounds.
I told him that I would be the one waiting for him to come on stage with this look on my face.

Nailed it.

Now, for some very strange reason, I spend a great deal of time justifying my love of Ed Sheeran, I am going to set the record straight, and then I am never going to speak of it again.
I am a huge fan of Ed for the following reasons, and no I couldn’t give a fuck what you think about that. Mainly, because I am not a known giver of fucks about many things, and secondly, the man is talented, superbly talented.

The guy can takes the stage with himself, a guitar and a complicated looking serious of loop stations. He takes those and manages to make himself sound like he has a small orchestra, large choir and at least four other band members behind him.
 He loops up old Jazz classics with superb harmonies and impressive drum beats using only his guitar and a loop station. He Also raps, don’t laugh, he is impressive at it. He is intelligent, endearingly geeky and awkward. Also Feck off, I am a grown ass thirty something year old woman at an Ed Sheeran Concert, and  I’ll fan girl who I want.

The gig itself was amazing, there was some lass at the Tele who was all like “Oh... he didn’t connect with his Sydney audience...Crack a sad“
Pfffft, I don’t know what gig she was at because he and I connected just fine, in fact he made direct eye contact with me at least four times. It could have been as many as seven, but I kind of REALLY badly need to get some glasses. Remind me to do that yeah?

Meanwhile, I dare you to check out some of Ed’s live stuff and more importantly, his new album Multiply when it is out June 23.
You won’t be disappointed.

That’s all I really have to say about that.

Em. xx

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