Sunday, July 13, 2014

Yay for you, Ian Thorpe still needed to come out.

I awoke this morning, to a thousand headlines poking my retinas with Ian Thorpe’s brave announcement. Yay! He is ‘Coming out’ let us as a nation, celebrate his bravery!

Coming out of where exactly? The closet? 

The Oxford dictionary first defines a closet as;

A small room, especially one used for storing things or for private study.

Secondly as ‘A toilet’

And thirdly as;
(the closet) Used to refer to a state of secrecy or concealment, especially about one’s homosexuality:

So let us celebrate as a nation that Ian is so brave as to come on out of the small, dark, toilet like place of secrecy in which we as a society put him in the first place, and let us all unite in three big cheers for being so brave that he can FINALLY let us all know what we were secretly thinking about his sexual orientation anyway, and let us release balloons and clap and throw glitter at him in support.

Most importantly, let us all pat ourselves on the back, because look at us! We are so fucking welcoming and supportive of poor brave Ian who has at last told us the truth.

Get the fuck over yourselves Australia.

Your celebration and the rainbow headlines are a gesture of support for yourselves. That you can be so permissive as to celebrate the ‘Gay’ Ian Thorpe, look at us being all equal and tolerant and shit.

It’s embarrassing.

We were fucked if we were going to celebrate the fact that Ian sought medical help for a debilitating and common mental illness, because ‘Mentally ill’ (Remember when I wrote about that?) Being gay though, well, not supporting that would be embarrassing to our nation.

I cant even physically roll my eyes in the direction they need to be rolled in regard to this.

When are we going to understand that we will never have true equality until the gender of the person you love is irrelevant, and not the kind of subject that requires a media circus? While I am in full support of Ian's 'brave announcement', I am shuddering at the thought that his sexual orientation is being exploited to sell media and for click bait, that his honesty on the subject required 'bravery', and the genitals of the person he loves warranted an announcement.

The fact that this is even news is an indication of the huge inequalities faced by the LGBT people of this nation.

It is news because revealing yourself as gay still requires revealing. 

It is news because daring to love someone with the same genitals as you is still considered ‘different’ to the rest of us normal people who love whoever the fuck we want.

Its news because we don’t give the gay community the same marriage rights we of ‘normal’ sexual orientation enjoy.
It is news because we are still using headlines with the words ‘Coming Out’ in them.

Its news because it is STILL NEWS!

So you keep celebrating with your embarrassing headlines and throwing your self indulgent glitter balls of support, because it makes you feel better about the fact that we still have a shameful ways to go in regard to sexual equality in this country.

Yay for you.

I’ll save my celebrating for the day that we are truly equal; when news on someone’s gay sexual orientation is as irrelevant as someone’s straight orientation.

Meanwhile, how have you been? I have missed you.

Emma xx


river said...

I don't understand why he had to announce this publicly. "They" don't expect every gay person to announce publicly, so why should Ian have to? We all knew it already anyway.

mumabulous said...

Its the most shocking announcement since Ricky Martin came out of the closet. What's next - Pope Frances reveals that yes he is a Catholic? Meanwhile its terrible that in the 21st century Thorpey felt (probably rightly) that his sexuality would damage his media career. I wish him all the best.

Bronnie - Maid In Australia said...

Everyone is missing the point of this. Ian felt he had to officially come out. Because he was asked when he was just a child and he was still unsure. Then he said no. And kept it as no, because of various reasons explained in the interview. In the meantime, He's been through depression and therapy, and he now wants to be who he is, he accepts who he is, and wants everyone to know - particularly young Australians, maybe struggling with their sexuality - that they don't have to be scared, like he was. That it's okay to be themselves, and that their families and friends will still love them. He strenuously denied it for years, including in his official biography, and that is why he felt the need to come out now - to be truthful and authentic, and to set the record straight. And to explain why he lied, so that others wouldn't feel the need to do the same. I admire him for this. Yes, sexuality should not be an issue - feeling forced to deny who you are still is. (And for Ian, that was in the past, and he doesn't want to lie anymore). And he is also showing how little secrets becomes big ones. I could go on for ages about this ... I'm pretty sure we all know he was. But this was important for him, and important for others who feel they cannot be themselves.

Emmas Brain said...

Great points Bronnie, I don't for one second question why Thorpie would do an interview like this, nor the momentous ramifications for those in a similar situation. Just the circus that followed from some (not all) media outlets that turned it into a great big walking pat on the back for our acceptance of it. Xx

Kate @ Curious Rabbit said...

Seriously, this is EXACTLY what I think. It should never be news. It should never be a question. I don't a fat rats who anyone loves. It does not factor in my brain to say "Are you straight?" and it sure as hell doesn't factor to ask "Are you gay?" Whose business is it and how does it affect anything?

Carlota Zambrano said...

Hello Emma! I just found this text and loved it, it contains so many things I have thought in a perfect written way! I blog in spanish and I am also an english-spanish translator, so I would love to translate this and publish it (with proper credits of course) in my blog! Please let me know if that is ok with you! Best, Carlota

Emmas Brain said...

Thank you Carlota, Of course you may! That would be fabulous. Please send me a link when you do xx

Veggie Mama said...

So many people were saying "oh we all knew it". I totally didn't. I'd heard the rumours (thanks, media), but I'd never been able to tell by just looking at him. And that's about how much thought I put into it.

Veggie Mama said...


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