Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dear Santa, Part two.

This post is sponsored, and is the second post. You can read the first post HERE.

 This is my lounge room on Christmas morning. Do the crooked crooked pictures in this photo annoy you as much as they annoy me?

Meanwhile! Our family is large and widespread. I have... wait, let me count…SEVEN brothers and sisters!  I am a child of divorce, *Cue emotional music* this for me, means TWO of every celebration.  It’s kind of like Noah’s Ark, only with far more emotional turmoil. It’s all very Mary Povich, but whatever. No one is perfect.

To further complicate matters, my mum lives a five hour drive away, and my extended family are spread from Victoria to Northern QLD, which is awesome when you are going on holiday,*Free accommodation high five! But not so awesome when you need to organise family gatherings, such as Christmas.

Typically, in the lead up to Christmas, my mother and mother in law will call and speak to each of my children and ask them what they want for Christmas from Granny and Nanna this year. These conversations are long winded and extensively peppered with gift suggestions from my children, which borders on rude.

This year, our youngest has developed quite the obsession with both Monster High dolls, and Frozen Paraphernalia. Her birthday is just before Christmas, so this can complicate gift giving further, as there are often toys on her Christmas list that are given for her birthday, and when trying to coordinate gift giving things can turn into a bit of a nightmare.

I will have a conversation with my mother and mother in law, in which I first have to explain what a Monster High doll is, where they can be purchased and what dolls she already has. They both very desperatley want to get the toy THE RIGHT doll.  This inevitably ends in a painful process, in which I will receive a ph

one call from either of them, whilst they are standing in the toy isle describing the different types of dolls available, and I will say things like… “No, the one with the black and purple hair!, wait… you are breaking up! Black and purple hair... NO I SAID... Are you there?!” before I raid her toy box, and take a picture of the Monster High dolls that she has, and send them.

It’s all very complicated, which brings me to my favourite function of the Mattel, letter to Santa website. The website promised to take some of the pressure out of Christmas gift giving, and I was keen to see if it would deliver.

Once your child has chosen the gifts that most take their fancy this Christmas, and written a letter to Santa and posted it off, you can access your child’s wish list from the dashboard, or an email is sent to you in which you can access it. You are able to edit your child’s wish list, view further information on the toy, including the toy price, see a list of stockists, print the wish list and even buy the toy online.

My favourite function of the website however, is the share option. You can share your child’s entire wish list, or you can send individual gift suggestions, which is really a far more polite and less stressful way of saying “No, the PUR-PLE and black hair... Can you hear me? You are breaking up! Are you there?!

When your family is as wide spread and…. individual, (read, complicated), as mine, this function is a god send. It means no doubling up on gifts, and ensures that your family members can give the gifts that your child wants the most, helping to not only take some of the pressure out of Christmas, but it helps ensure your child doesn’t end up with wasteful amounts of toys that may not get played with, and helps to manage the cost of Christmas gift giving!

Taking some of the pressure out of Christmas gift giving?

I have to say that it did!

You can follow the fun of writing a letter to Santa @Mattel #LetterToSanta.

You can write your own letter to Santa HERE

And don’t forget, that you have a chance of winning one of five hundred toys instantly if you do!

Emma. Xx 

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