Friday, December 5, 2014

I am sorry that your game was unfairly 'Targeted', and now people are talking about VAW.

I was so pissed off yesterday, like pissed off pissed off. I had a really shit week, and I am still a bit annoyed, just in case you  can’t probably tell by the amount of swears the first sentence of this post contains.

The two youngest have been sick, with vomiting and temperatures. I don’t do vomiting well… It is my most despised of all the common childhood ailments, and high temperatures make me anxious. I also find it hard to sleep when the kids are sick.

So I am sleep deprived and I have so much fucking washing.

We have been inundated with afternoon storms.

Thanks to these storms, the dogs have been inside, and the flea treatments have not been working properly because everything is wet, and now I have fleas in my house. F!#*ING FLEAS, in THE F#*!ING HOUSE!

It’s humid. It’s uncomfortably hot.

The last whinge I had broken my blog, and it took me all week to fix it.

Then…  I dared post an opinion on facebook, regarding Target and Kmart’s decision to pull GTA whatever f*#ing number it’s up to, from the shelves.

I personally don’t like the game, I would never let my kids play it, and if I am a hundred percent honest, I will judge you a little bit if you do let your kids play it. Like, not your older kids, but if your ten year old is playing it? Yeah.. I am probably judging you.

I also personally think the game is ridiculous, I don’t like it; I think it’s disgusting and it’s not allowed in our house, but that is my opinion. 

I sometimes play Sim city, because I am a control freak and I enjoy being the ruler of everything, I also have a pretty expansive plot of land on Hay Day. That might not be your cup of tea, you might think that’s ridiculous and that’s OK.

What’s not OK is attacking someone for their opinion. It’s my fucking Facebook wall, no one is holding a gun to your head MAKING you like my opinion, guess what? You don’t even have to agree, but don’t be a cock about it.

Your god given internet right to freedom of speech doesn’t allow you to be a dick. That’s not freedom of speech, you are just an asshole.

The post had a fair few comments, lots of people agreeing and disagreeing, and for the most part it was an enjoyable spirited exchange of opinions.

I was pissed off that I had to delete it.

To be fair though, I probably didn’t word my opinion very well. I did just see Target will stop selling the game; I read the article and thought... Excellent. I hate this fucking game, and I shared it.
 I can’t remember exactly what I wrote, but it was something like, Thanks Target, the game is disgusting, and we don’t have it in our house, then I put some stats about VAW.

What I meant was I actually don’t give two fucks about the game, I take no issue at all with the games existence, or people enjoying the game. But 57 percent of Australian women will experience violence in their lifetime.

VIOLENCE is the leading cause of death for Australian women ages 15-55.

If you are born with a vagina in this country, it means that you can fear the same thing that men fear most about going to gaol, just from walking through a darkened car park.

I didn’t sign that stupid petition thing, but I refuse to fucking apologise for being glad that Target has brought a truckload of free press to this issue.

After the exchange of opinions on the post, I can agree that the game is unfairly made a scapegoat of. I can also agree that censorship is pretty wrong.
But get fucked, I won’t apologise for being glad that the issue has brought about discussions and awareness regarding violence in this country.

Then it began on twitter, and all of the trolls came out from underneath Twitter Bridge.
*Rubs face in frustrated fashion…

Gamers are a sensitive bunch.

I read about half of them, then I cried for a bit, Not because I cared what the trolls said, but because I felt unfairly attacked all day.

I am pretty good at dealing with trolls. After a while in this game, you get used to it. You get comfortable enough in your own success to not spend any time caring about what the people who begrudge that success think.  I usually just laugh, because some things that I am sent, although they aren’t very nice are quite amusing, but I was tired. I am SO FUCKING TIRED.

After I cried I got angry. Why is YOUR opinion regarding the game not as important AS MY FUCKING OPINION?! Why are YOU allowed to have one and I’m NOT??


I know, I know… Don’t feed the Trolls, but I picked the most polite objections to my opinions and replied with this.

I then spent the next few hours enjoying a spirited debate with a few decent people about the issue.
Then tweets like this,

Turned to tweets like this.

And guess what? SO many discussions about the violence in this country were happening everywhere!


I woke up this morning and It’s FRIDAY!  The last of the kids fevers had finally broken, and thanks to having a good cry, I have minimal eye wrinkles today. WINNING!

Having a good solid cry will take years off your face once the red, blotchy, snot settles down.

That’s all I can be bothered writing for today, but I won’t ever stop having discussions about violence in this country.

Happy Friday.


mumabulous said...

Here's the thing - there's a certain percentage of the gaming community who are stark raving crazy and completely removed from reality. I should know - I'm married to an old skool gamer.

Glowless said...

For me the issue is not that it is being sold (because free speech yadda yadda yadda), but rather that it is sold along side games that are for kids. R rated mags need to be in a different section or covered, I think it should be the same for games. That being said, I think it is the parents responsibility to research what the ratings are of the games they buy their kids. I wouldn't have my kids playing video games with gratuitous violence against women or men.

Dorothy said...

Frankly, I have an issue with games (and other entertainment) like that are made at all. It's a sad reflection of our society that some consider violence of any kind and crime "entertainment".

Peace said...

Having a good solid cry will take years off your face once the red, blotchy, snot settles down.

Legend ❤️❤️