Friday, December 19, 2014

What do you say?

Smells like Friday.

Friday is my favourite day for many reasons, none of which I am going to go into because MAN... I have been writing some heavy shit lately.  People are here like…I thought she was supposed to be funny?

I feel like an asshole posting light, first world, boring shit while there is just so much fucking tragic happening on our planet.

You know when you are grieving... and you look around at everyone who isn't and you can't fathom how they are just carrying on like nothing is going on? I think the planet is grieving so many shit things right now, and everyone is looking around at everyone else like, is it OK to do normal stuff, because It feels wrong?

My days have been crazy hectic... Well except yesterday and the day before... Those days I did 5\8ths of fuck all because every day since Tuesday has felt like Friday. This entire week has been dragging ball sack, and man, it has been heavy.

So the last two days I wrote a bare minimum so that I could pretend like I actually work. Other than that, I did nothing but potter.

I Went to Coles and wrapped a few presents, cleaned and lounged around looking at pictures of cats and Channing Tatum on Pinterest. I then put filthy, dirt, skank mouth captions to said pictures of Channing Tatum and sent them to friends. For someone who has such a hard time writing sex scenes I have a gutter ass mind. Heh.

I did washing, and walked around the veggie garden thinking that I should prop the tomato’s up with something , but not actually doing it.

I’ve been watching the youngest kid perform gymnastics routines that honest. To.  Feck-Heckery- go for like… forty five minutes, and you aren’t allowed to look away for even a second, because she does a particular set of impromptu jazz filled spins and then looks dead in your eye to make sure you caught every cartwheel.

I don’t look away, because so many mothers have no children this week, and what would they give to watch forty five minute gymnastic routines with jazzy cartwheels?

 Man, it’s like the weight of not being able to take everything for granted feels exhausting for everybody right now. You can feel it in the air.
Yes I know how first world that sounds. I hope you know what I mean.

I know what I mean.

I have done a stand up job of pissing so many people off in this last fortnight too, even myself, I annoy even me right now and I have just pretty much just sat around waiting for Friday, like I was huge jerk boss waiting for an employee to report to me. All like..You! Send this email, someone call the delivery guy! Book dinner in for seven O’clock and someone find out where the fuck Friday is? How the Fuck is Friday not here yet?

How is it that we can clone a sheep? But I am here scrubbing someone else's skid mark off the toilet bowl? SCIENCE! We are doing it wrong!!! *Punches keyboard
I want twelve pictures of Spiderman on my desk by three O’clock or you’re fired!

Yep. I pretty much kicked stuff in the dick till Friday was here.

Now Friday is here.

Friday makes it easier to look at the good stuff, and you know there is still good stuff going on, and it’s OK to see that good stuff. You don’t have to spend damaging amounts of time in life’s tragedies. It doesn’t help. Guilt and anxiety are a useless and false sense of control over a situation.

It’s OK to remind yourself that stuff can be good. Especially people.

It's easy to forget that people are mostly good. I just have to keep remembering that not everyone is a dickhead, because they aren’t. The majority of Strayans did a stand up job of being louder than the minority of redneck, racist fucks this week. Nothing is more powerful than educated people that have had enough.

The world hugged Australia this week. I lost count of the messages from overseas readers and followers that sent heartfelt messages and thoughts for our country.
Thank you.
Really. Not Sarcastically. I know everything I write sounds sarcastic when you read it. Not this one.
Thank you. 

Sometimes people make it hard to be proud to be an Australian you know?  But not this week.
That makes me smile.

Do you know what else makes me smile? Having drinks with some of my people. I am heading out tonight to have Christmas/Birthday drinks with a few friends, and fuck I need to get out of this house.

Hey! I read somewhere that my profanity use was extensive.. Heh. I don’t know what the fuck they are talking about.

Happy Friday. xx

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