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Princess Power Super Sparkle

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When I was a kid, my childhood was never gender stereotypical. My Dad was in a band and he went to uni. Typically, he was responsible for the day to day duties, school, sports, friend’s visits... That kind of thing. My mum was the one who went to work in a typical nine to five job. This is not an unusual thing now days, but let’s not pretend that my childhood was ordinary. 

My childhood was pretty…. How should I put it…? Unique.

You already know that though, because I based an entire blog and book around it!

for example though;

For my ninth birthday I got a guitar. My dad taught me an E, G, D, C, F and A chord. I got pretty frustrated with it. I wanted to know how to play everything NOW!

My dad then handed me the tabs to Jimmy Hendrix ‘Hey Joe’.

“Em” He said. “This song is magic. Once you learn this song, you will then be able to play everything.”

So I sat down with my clunky, half sized, steel string guitar, and for the next year I taught myself to play Hey Joe. 

I played till my fingers hurt, then they bled, then calloused and stopped hurting. 

I played it with my eyes open and then my eyes closed. I learned it forwards and backwards. 

To this day I still tune my guitar to the open E that I can hear in my minds ear from that song.

When I was ready, I played the song for my dad, who was immensely proud, but when I went to play anything else, I still didn’t know how.

Feeling slightly ripped off, as well I should... I complained to my dad that I learned the song, and I still don’t know how to play everything!

My dad looked me in the eye and said; 

“Yes you do. That is one of the hardest songs you could ever learn to play. If you can teach yourself to play that song, you can teach yourself to play anything and everything”

I know right? MEAN!!!! 

How hard would it have been to just pay for guitar lessons tight wad?!

But the lesson I learned from that serves me well to this day. I can teach myself to play anything if I really want to.

I want to pass that on to my little girl.

My hero’s growing up were Jimmy Hendricks, Neil Finn and David Bowie. I had a crush on Iva Davies, Eric Clapton. For a while there, with his spiffy little platinum blonde mullet and Pollock inspired jackets. I then had a short crush on Diesel, and pretty soon I discovered Prince, and by the time I say Boyz 2 Men at Liverpool Town Centre in 1994 my infatuation with old school guitarists was pretty much forgotten till Pearl Jam and Nirvana entered the scene.

All of my heroes were boys though. Sure girls played guitar back then, but they played rhythm guitar, they never played the lead.

When I was writing my book, I spent a great deal of time trying to make the reader invest in the female character... I didn’t want the heroine of my story to play simple rhythm guitar in the background while a handsome stranger stepped in and played the lead guitar to make her life complete. 

She worked for a whole YEAR UNTIL HER FINGERS BLED TO PLAY THE LEAD GUITAR, if she taught herself to play Hey Joe, she could teach herself anything, and she was damned well going to do it by herself!!!

These are the kind of romantic comedy story lines I would want my daughter to read.

My daughter though, is pretty much nothing like me as a child. 

She is obsessed with everything I wasn’t. Dolls, fashion, make-up, the colour pink. She is about as girly as they come. 

Her heroes are princesses and dancers. I love that her heroes are women.

Emmasbrain's good friends at Mattel know how barbie obsessed my little girl is, so when they contacted me to ask if they could send her the new Princess Power Super Sparkle Doll, I of course said yes! 

I mean, not only can I use it as bribery, i.e.; Clean your room or there will be no Princess Power Super Sparkle Barbie, but I loved that the concept behind the new Barbie was a female super hero.

My daughter is six and could not be more in love with her new Barbie. Her absolute favourite function of the Princess Super Sparkle doll is the dress which spins to become a super hero cape at the push of a button.

Seriously, even I want a skirt like that.

For the first time in Barbie’s 56 year history, she is transforming into a superhero. The evolution of Barbie to a superhero is a symbolic and timely transition, encouraging girls to believe anything is possible through friendship, braveness and kindness. 

Barbie Princess Power, inspires girls to discover their inner strengths and celebrate their own acts of being super. 

To celebrate this, Barbie is debuting in her first movie Barbie in Princess Power and releasing a new doll the Barbie™ in Princess Power Super Sparkle™ doll.

To get your very own Barbie Princess Power check out leading toy retailers nationally!

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