Monday, March 9, 2015

The one when I went to Fiji.

Hey! Hey! Good thanks.

So it is no secret that the last few months have been pretty shit house. Luckily for me though, I had a family wedding to attend in Fiji. When I say family, I mean family. Not in the genetic sense of the word, but in the way family was meant to be. Some people say that you can’t pick your family, but I did, don’t tell me how to live.

The bride is one of those people in my life that reminds me to never be what I am not. We grew up together. She is brutally honest, and fiercely loyal. She is tough and independent. She taught me to never dumb myself down, to not be ashamed of being a human and she always points me in the right direction, then gives me a hard shove toward where I want to be when I get a little lost.
She is my family, my people.
 I cried when I saw her as a bride. I know… you all know I am not a crier right?  Shut up.
I did though; I shed a tear to see her walk down the aisle to join the man that is truly worthy of her. Let’s never speak of it again.

Do you know what I learned? When you share in the special moments of your people like a wedding, you often get to meet their other people. Some of these people you may have met in other social situations before, birthday parties, births and christenings. You politely say hello and you catch up in the way that humans do, with polite small talk and laughter. I despise small talk, not because I can’t do it, but because small talk is how you find out the ‘What’s” about people, not the ‘Why’s’. The “Why’s are how you really know a person.
Small talk to me feels like a rehearsed speech, which merely explains the criteria society judges you on.

What do you do for a living? Where do you live? Where did you buy that dress? I don’t give a shit about that stuff. I wish small talk was why do you do that for a living? Is your home happy? Does that dress make you feel as fabulous as you are when you wear it?

When you go to a tropical island for a week with your people’s people, and you spend your days in little more than your underwear with no make-up on, lazing around the pool and exploring the local life you find out all whys. You are stripped bare in neutral and foreign territory.  

I met so many more of my people. Sometimes you can look at a person and know they are your people.  These people didn’t balk at my honesty or intrusive questions; we shared our whys and our humour. We soaked up each other’s differences until the sun came up and we realised all our differences are all the same. We were a tribe over there.

I was not surprised that my friend would be surrounded by such people, but I was happy for it.
 I wish I could articulate that better.

When I wasn’t getting all deep and shit, I hung out with my best friend. In paradise, with no responsibilities. When we weren’t drinking cocktails, we were drinking mock tails. We made so many memories, and we laughed, man we laughed.

I wanted to share a video with you of the most epic room service story of all time, but when I played it back I realised that I am getting changed in the background and I can’t show you because my tits are in it.
I will tell you about it after I get some more sleep.

I missed you internet.

Vinaka vaka levu Fiji!! Au Lomani iko.


river said...

From what I've seen of Fiji on television it has to be one of the prettiest places on earth to have a wedding. glad you had a great time and met so many more of 'your' people.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Awesome. Just awesome. X

Sonia@ LIfe Love and Hiccups said...

Oh you make me laugh with the tits in the background, What a perfect place to be with your best friend getting married. P.S You both look gorgeous xx

Pinky Poinker said...

Well this is intriguing. I can only imagine how interesting this room service story will be. Waiting in titillated anticipation :)